The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union.

~ Yeny Nuñez, 32BJ Member, Connecticut


Your contract establishes your benefits and how much your employer has to pay to cover them. Contracts differ, depending on your city and industry sector.

Many of our contracts include 100% employer-paid health insurance for 32BJ members, often also for our families.

  • Find-A-Doctor: Our 32BJ Find-A-Doctor search tool is designed to help you find the best medical professional for you and your family. We want all our members to have the best healthcare, and now you’re a big step closer to finding it.

Our contracts often include free legal help – and help paying court and application fees – for many of life’s most important matters: family law, wills and healthcare proxies, buying or selling a home, debt relief, consumer protection, and more.

For citizenship, relative petition and adjustment of status cases,  you pay the first $100 and the Fund pays the rest of the filing fees up to $6000.  For all other cases, you pay the first $500 and then the Fund pays half of expenses up to $6000. If your legal benefits are from the North Legal Services Fund, you will pay fees and expenses.


  • Pension – Many contracts include a guaranteed monthly pension if you work enough years in the industry.
  • 401(k) / Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan – Many contracts include employer payment into a 401(k) for you through the Supplemental Retirement Savings Plan (SRSP). You also can contribute to your 401(k).

Many contracts provide free classes to advance your skills and open up new opportunities to you.