The word union means we are all together. No one is out there on a limb by himself.

~ Leroy Abramson, 32BJ Member, New York

I Stand with Katie McGinty

My name is Mike Brown. I am a 32BJ SEIU security officer with Allied Barton at Temple University.

On Tuesday, I am supporting Katie McGinty because she stands with working people. Katie McGinty is the most qualified and hard-working candidate in this race. That’s why SEIU has endorsed her.

As a security officer, I take my job seriously. People rely on me to come to work every day and do my job well. The stakes are high. If I fail, people could lose their lives. I expect the same level of dedication and professionalism from the politicians who seek to represent me in Washington.

Katie McGinty gets that and will work hard for us every day. She knows that the stakes are high. She is running for Senate to get things done.

Katie McGinty understands that to make our economy work for everyone, we need good jobs.
I know what it takes to create good jobs. My co-workers organized four years ago for a union and won fair wages, benefits and respect on the job. We transformed an industry that was defined by poverty jobs and created thousands of good, family-sustaining jobs. This year we’re fighting for our second contract and we’re joining millions of workers nationwide in the Fight for $15.

Katie McGinty supports the Fight for $15 with her words and her actions. Recently, Katie rallied with striking fast food workers and airport workers on strike at PHL. She stood outside in the freezing rain to support the Fight for $15 because she knows that if we leave thousands of workers behind, stuck in poverty, our country will never move forward.

Throughout her career she has fought for people who need help. The reason why I am supporting her is that I can relate to her past struggles. She came from a large working class family. She had to work for everything she has. She grew up in an environment similar to mine. Katie is a mother and understands the need for affordable daycare, health care, education and to have enough to pay the bills.

Do I want another rich person in Washington who can’t relate to my struggles and issues, or do I want someone who has been there and will fight for change? The answer is clear.

When Katie becomes our next Senator we know she will support security officers, airport workers, healthcare workers and all working people. We know she will support common sense immigration reform. And we know she will protect Medicare and Social Security—and that affects all our lives.

On Tuesday, is important that we go all in for Katie.

Finally we will have someone in our corner in Washington.