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~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

Vote for the PA 3: Dougherty, Wecht and Donohue


by Gabe Morgan
Vice President and Pennsylvania State Director

What if your contract and your rights on the job were decided by seven people in Harrisburg who you’ve never met? The seven men and women who are elected to the PA Supreme Court on November 3 will be making decisions that affect you and your family. This year, three seats are up on the Supreme Court—a first for Pennsylvania.

The make-up of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. If we elect Supreme Court members on November 3 who stand with working people, they can serve as a fail-safe against right-wing extremists who want to take away your rights and wages. If we elect PA Supreme Court who only serves wealthy corporate interests, we could watch all of our progress go down the drain.

We have made incredible progress in Pennsylvania over the last two years. We helped kick out Governor Corbett and elected Governor Wolf—a leader who is fighting for working people. Governor Wolf has been in office just ten months and has already stopped a terrible budget and protected working people countless times over.

Thanks to thousands of SEIU door knocks and calls, we elected a new mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto. Mayor Peduto stood shoulder-to-shoulder with security officers and helped them win a strong contract. He has also lent his steadfast support to our commercial cleaners’ contract fight.
In Philadelphia we will elect Jim Kenney as the next mayor of Philly. Kenney has already stood with our brothers and sisters at 2116 Chestnut Street and supported us during the contract fight.

Elected officials make a difference: for our contracts, for labor laws, and for our ability to support our families. We need a PA Supreme Court that stands with working families or all of our hard work can go down the drain.

Corporate special interests like the Koch brothers are spending millions to elect a Supreme Court who will stomp all over your rights. These are the same people who want to destroy public education, make PA a “right-to-work” state and want to make it illegal for cities to enact their own sensible gun laws. The only thing stopping them is us.

On Tuesday Nov. 3, make sure you get to the polls to support SEIU-endorsed candidates: Kevin Dougherty , Christine Donohue and David Wecht. This election is about your rights and your contract. Show up, make your voice heard and vote for the people who will protect your pocketbook and your family’s future.