Everybody should have a union…. It gives us a voice. It gives you the power to change things that need to be changed.

~ Leslie Williams, 32BJ Member, New Jersey

Connecticut Member Profiles

Beatriz Hernandez: Politics Matter
A lifelong political activist, Beatriz Hernandez has no doubt: politics matter. She is one of hundreds of 32BJ’s weekend warriors who will be out knocking on doors, distributes leaflets and phone banking in support... Read More »
Ciro Gutierrez
Ciro Gutierrez, 32BJ member and Hartford office cleaner, pictured with his wife Rosario Rojas.  Of the 600 workers in the government development bank where Ciro worked in Perú, only 100 were left. Five hundred... Read More »
Yeny Nuñez
Yeny has been a 32BJ member for four years and she was an MPO this year, helping to elect Chris Murphy to the U.S. Senate this year as well as supporting President Obama’s re-election... Read More »