Raising the standard for good working conditions is like a chain reaction. More people will see their work life can be better.

~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida

Political Action

Key Issues


To us, workers’ rights go hand-in-hand with immigrants’ and civil rights because they are about the same thing: The fundamental respect that each person deserves.

Today’s broken immigration system hurts all workers. As long as unscrupulous employers are able to exploit undocumented workers, the current two-tiered workforce will continue to drive down wages for all workers.

We are active in defending voting rights and challenging unjust police practices, like New York City’s stop-and-frisk program, that target people of color. These policies threaten the democratic principles we value, and we cannot let them stand.


Why Politics Matter / The American Dream Fund

Whether it’s workplace rights, immigration, healthcare or education, the decisions politicians make affect every aspect of our lives. We need to work together to elect leaders who have the best interests of working families at the top of their agenda. If we don’t, the elections and issues are won by corporations and the rich, who have unlimited resources to influence the political process.

How do we win?

Thousands of us contribute to the American Dream Fund (our PAC or Political Action Committee) to support our goals of electing public officials who care about working families and passing laws that help ensure fairness and opportunity for all. 32BJ members also talk to co-workers at the workplace, make phone calls and knock on doors, to build awareness about issues and mobilize people to vote. And we build alliances with community partners to strengthen our voice on the issues that affect working families. Contribute to the American Dream Fund!

Political Updates

Hillary Clinton for President
Your 32BJ Executive Board voted to support the SEIU’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the best choice for president. Read More »
32BJ Election Day Victories
Thank you to all the 32BJ members who voted and campaigned for progressive candidates this election. Read More »
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32BJ SEIU Endorses Mary-Jane Foster For Mayor Of Bridgeport
After holding an interview with Mary-Jane Foster Thursday night, members of 32BJ SEIU voted unanimously to endorse the independent candidate for Mayor of Bridgeport. Read More »
Power Versus Passion in the Hartford Mayoral Primary
Pedro Segarra will stand on our members’ side and on the side of all the working men and women of Hartford, Connecticut. Read More »
“Hartford Is Not for Sale”: Re-Elect Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra!
Let’s work together to re-elect Pedro Segarra as mayor of Hartford. We need to make sure our local community is led by someone who fully understands and represents the diversity of our community. Read More »
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32BJ Endorses Mayor Segarra For Reelection
32BJ, the nation's largest property services union is endorsing Mayor Pedro Segarra for reelection as Mayor of Hartford. Read More »
32BJ Statement on Fatal Shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina:
We join all those mourning the horrific shooting that took place at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims' families and loved ones and all... Read More »
32BJ Statement on Impending Mass Deportations of People of Haitian Descent from the Dominican Republic
The threat of mass deportations, scheduled to begin today , of as many as 200,000 people of Haitian descent from the Dominican Republic, where many were born and have spent their whole lives,... Read More »
A Huge Step Forward
President Obama changed the lives of millions of working people who can now come out of the shadows and live free of fear. Read More »
Our Work Is Not Done
Working people can make real and substantial change when we come out to vote and come out strong for politics. Read More »
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32BJ Statement on Malloy’s Victory
“The 32BJ SEIU Connecticut members that have worked so hard to reelect Governor Malloy congratulate him on his victory. We are confident that Governor Malloy will continue to be a champion for low-wage workers,... Read More »
Winning 2014 for Working Families
Heading into the November elections, we need to work even harder so that the issues that matter to working families will have a place on the agenda. Read More »
All In for Malloy! Vote Nov. 4 on the WFP Ballot Line
On November 4, residents of Connecticut will decide who should lead their state. The clear choice will be the name printed on the Working Families Party (ROW C) ballot line: Governor Dan Malloy, an... Read More »
2014 Election Endorsements
Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman State Senate Marilyn Moore (D-22) Delaware US Senate Chris Coons State Treasurer Sean Barney                        Auditor... Read More »
“All Politics Is Local” — Not Too Late to Get Involved
Recent victories have shown us the importance of winning local elections at the city and state level over and over again. Read More »
Why the 2014 Elections Matter
Elections that don’t involve choosing the President can seem unimportant and irrelevant to daily life. But sometimes, like this year, elections for local politicians can be the most crucial ones. Read More »
SEIU Endorses Malloy
The state’s largest union announced Wednesday they are endorsing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in November’s election. Read More »
Flash Mob with a Message in Stamford
It started like many rallies on immigration reform -- people holding up signs demanding a stop to deportations, speeches in both English and Spanish calling on the government to act. Read More »
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A Higher Minimum Wage in CT Will Help Workers Climb Out of Poverty
"Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the progressive majority of Connecticut´s legislature should be praised for lifting the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour." Read More »
Connecticut Is Increasing Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour
Connecticut lawmakers on Wednesday became the first in the country to pass legislation that would increase a state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2017 Read More »
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Interfaith Prayer Vigil to Call for Immigration Reform
With two weeks left on the Congressional calendar, the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance will host an interfaith prayer vigil on Tuesday to keep the call for commonsense immigration reform alive. Read More »
Victory for Working Families!
We won on Election Day -- and we won big --  thanks to the great work 32BJ members did during this election season. Read More »
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32BJ SEIU Congratulates New Haven Mayor-elect Toni Harp
The members of 32BJ extend our warmest congratulations to Toni Harp. Her hard-fought victory shows that voters respond to a consistent record of fighting for working families. Read More »
Immigration Reform Now!
The movement for immigration reform is strong and growing and our members are leading the fight. Read More »
National Day for Dignity and Respect Pushes for Immigration Reform through Portraits in New Haven
To celebrate this day, the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance group worked with Inside Out, a global photography project, to take more than 190 portraits of undocumented immigrants, activists and supporters from New Haven, Hartford,... Read More »
Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul
Thousands of supporters of an immigration overhaul held rallies on Saturday at more than 150 sites in 40 states, trying to pressure Congress, despite the partisan turmoil in Washington, to focus on passing a... Read More »
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Victory For 32BJ-Endorsed Candidates In New Haven A Hopeful Sign For A Progressive Future
The primary election of 32BJ SEIU-backed candidate Toni Harp for Mayor of New Haven as well as several aldermanic candidates, is a hopeful sign for a progressive future in New Haven, 32BJ members said... Read More »
Reaching for Dr. King’s Dream
Tuesday evening, the Stamford NAACP and local labor members marched through downtown to Faith Tabernacle Baptist Missionary Baptist Church. The crowd shouting, "yes we can" in English and Spanish. Read More »
Give Us A Vote!
A message to members of Congress at home for the August recess: do your job and pass real immigration reform into law! Read More »
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After Historic Immigration Vote, 32BJ Ready To Keep The Pressure On Elected Officials
"Last November, our country spoke loud and clear that we voted and we voted for immigration reform,” said Kurt Westby, 32BJ Vice-president and CT Director. "Today, The US Senate is echoing the... Read More »
Immigration Reform Is in Sight!
The U.S. Senate passed the historic immigration reform bill on a 68-32 vote. Thank you for all your hard work, now let’s get this bill through the House! Read More »
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Dozens in Stamford to Rally in Support of a Path to Citizenship
Stamford – In celebration of Flag Day, 32BJ members, immigrant workers and their supporters will rally outside the Stamford Government Center tomorrow to thank Connecticut’s congressional delegation for their continuous support of immigration reform. 32BJ... Read More »
The American Dream
Three 32BJ members talk about what the American Dream means to them and why they are fighting for immigration reform. Read More »
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State Senate Passes TRUST Act Unanimously
A unanimous vote in the State Senate today passed the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) Act, making Connecticut the first state in the nation to formally limit its participation in the federal... Read More »
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32BJ Applauds CT State Legislature for Voting to Raise the Minimum Wage
“With the worst recession in a generation still being felt across the country, the State House and Senate votes to raise the minimum wage will get our state economy moving again and help thousands... Read More »
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State House Vote Passes TRUST Act Unanimously
The State House today voted unanimously to take a step toward greater trust between Connecticut’s immigrant communities and local law enforcement, advancing the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) Act to the... Read More »
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Low-Wage Workers in Washington to Bring Immigration Reform to Life for Lawmakers
As Congress finalizes sweeping immigration reform, a dozen janitors and security officers from up and down the east coast, including Connecticut, will be sharing their personal experiences with lawmakers over the next few weeks... Read More »
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Connecticut TRUST Act Passes Public Safety Committee, on to State House Vote
The state legislature’s Public Safety Committee today voted 13 to 7 to take a step toward greater trust between Connecticut’s immigrant communities and local law enforcement, advancing the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools... Read More »
Immigration Reform: What’s Next?
A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have introduced an immigration reform bill this week. What's in the bill, and what are our next steps? Read More »
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Connecticut Trust Act Passes Committee, On To State House Vote
The state legislature’s Joint Committee on Judiciary yesterday voted 33 to 11 to take a step toward greater trust between Connecticut’s immigrant communities and local law enforcement, advancing the Transparency and Responsibility Using... Read More »
City Rallies Behind Immigration
Cries for change echoed from Beinecke Plaza to the New Haven Green Tuesday as hundreds rallied across New Haven for comprehensive immigration reform. Read More »
Supporters Across State Call for Immigration Reform
As they marched their way through downtown Bridgeport on Tuesday, roughly 100 supporters of immigration reform made themselves perfectly clear. Read More »
CT Rallies Press for Immigration Reform
DANBURY — More than 150 demonstrators gathered at Kennedy Park Tuesday afternoon, one of scores of rallies in Connecticut and across the nation urging comprehensive immigration reform. Alberto Bernardez, a represenative for the Service Employees... Read More »
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Thousands Across Connecticut Call for Commonsense Immigration Reform
As the bipartisan Senate committee announced that their proposed immigration bill may be finalized this week, hundreds of immigrants, supporters and elected officials converged today to call for a bill that includes an accessible... Read More »
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Thousands Across Connecticut to Call for Commonsense Immigration Reform
As the bipartisan Senate committee announced that their proposed immigration bill may be finalized this week, hundreds of immigrants, supporters and elected officials will converge tomorrow to call for a bill that includes an... Read More »
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Hartford Task Force on Immigrant Affairs Passes Unanimously
Hartford – The Hartford City Council unanimously approved a resolution last night calling for the creation of a task force to establish a Commission on Immigrant Affairs. The task force is the result of months of advocacy by the Hartford Public Library’s Immigrant... Read More »
Taking Action on Immigration
Across the country, we are putting pressure on Congress for commonsense immigration reform. Read More »
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Connecticut Takes First Steps to Save Immigrant Community Relationship with Law Enforcement
Hartford— The state legislature’s Joint Committee on Judiciary today took a step toward greater trust between Connecticut’s immigrant communities and local law enforcement, hearing testimony on the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST)... Read More »
Why Immigration Reform Matters
Today’s broken immigration system hurts all workers. We must make sure that all workers can work out of the shadows and share in the wealth they help create with their hard work. Read More »
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New CAP Action Report Highlights Connecticut’s Successful Policies to Rebuild the Middle Class
Hartford – A new report released today by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, outlines state policies necessary to help state elected officials bypass federal gridlock and strengthen the middle class. “Legislative leaders must... Read More »