Raising the standard for good working conditions is like a chain reaction. More people will see their work life can be better.

~ Clara Vargas, 32BJ Member, Florida


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2,000 Contract Airport Workers Go on Strike at Seven U.S. Hubs
Entering one of the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year, about 2,000 baggage handlers and other airport workers at seven of America's biggest hubs went on strike Wednesday night over pay and union rights. Read More »
Airport Workers Plan Disruptions in Nine U.S. Cities on MLK Day
Workers from nine U.S. airports are planning to block bridges, march through terminals and protest at airline headquarters during a day of civil disobedience on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Read More »
2,000 Contract Airport Workers Go on Strike at Seven U.S. Hubs
Entering one of the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year, about 2,000 baggage handlers and other airport workers at seven of America's biggest hubs went on strike Wednesday night over pay and union rights. Read More »
Airport Workers Strike
The workers, mostly cabin and airport cleaners, were picketing Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York City, as well as airports in Newark, N.J., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, Fl., according to the Service Employees International Union. Read More »
Unions Are Going to Battle on Behalf of South Florida’s Large Immigrant Workforce
Given that Florida has had a Republican governor for 20 out of the last 28 years, you might not think of Florida as a hotbed of union activity. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Workers Getting a Livable-Wage Raise
After multiple rallies and hard-fought protests, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport workers are finally going to be getting a raise when the Broward County Commission votes on extending the living-wage ordinance to contracted airline workers today. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Workers Hold Strike Over “Anti-Labor Tactics”
Citing what they call repeated labor violations by airline contractors, airport workers are holding a Pre-Labor Day Strike at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Tuesday. A Read More »
Wheelchair Attendants Strike at FLL Airport
About 50 wheelchair attendants at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport went on a one-day strike Tuesday to protest what they consider "poverty wages." Read More »
Broward Commissioners to Review ‘Fair Pay’ Policy for Airline Contract Workers
Workers who transport passengers, handle baggage and clean airplanes at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport International Airport are one step closer to getting a pay raise. Read More »
Airport Workers to JetBlue, County: Pay Us or Get Rid of Contractor
Earlier this year, JetBlue replaced the contractor that cleans its cabins at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Read More »
Labor Union: Airplane Cleaners Uneasy about Ebola
With the spotlight on the Ebola virus, the Service Employees International Union is stepping in. Read More »
Union Going Door-to-Door For Joe Gibbons
Some airport workers, who are getting woefully substandard wages through a loophole in the law, hope that state Rep. Joe Gibbons will be elected to the county commission and help them. - See more at: http://www.browardbeat.com/union-going-door-to-door-for-joe-gibbons/#sthash.JHKcnm8E.dpuf Read More »
Union Pushes for Better Pay for Service Workers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport
Despite a “living wage” policy in Broward County, minimum wage remains the reality for many workers at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Some wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers make even less than minimum — $4.91 an hour, not including the tips that are few and far between. Read More »
Lauderdale Airport Workers to See Improved Standards After Bill Passes
Broward commissioners passed a bill last night that can revoke permits of companies at the airport whose services get interrupted due to a work stoppage by employees, like a strike. Read More »
FLL Airport Workers Hit by Lightning: Why Don’t They Get a Living Wage?
Tomorrow, the Broward County Commission is expected to announce its final vote on a bill that would (in addition to preventing service distruptions) improve the standards of airline and contractor workers. Read More »
Broward County Supports FLL Contractor Improvements
With several contractors at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport facing unfair labor practice charges, the Broward County Commission unanimously sponsored the creation of a motion to raise job and industry standards at the airport. Read More »
Workers to Mark MLK Assassination Anniversary with Rally
Father Reginald Jean-Mary of the Notre Dame d’Haiti Mission Church and low-wage workers will rally to demand that South Florida anchor institutions honor King’s memory by paying workers livable wages. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale Airport Workers See First Steps To Improved Wages
"We're seeking the living wage. We provide excellent customer service at that airport day in and day out, so why don't we get the justice that we deserve?" Read More »
University of Miami Cafeteria Workers Sign Contract for Better Pay, Healthcare
University of Miami cafeteria workers have signed a contract Friday with their employer, Chartwells, after a long battle that drew sympathy from many professors and students. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Workers Protest Low Wages
About 100 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport employees showed up at Fort Lauderdale Welcome Park to protest low wages and to form a union. Read More »
Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul
Thousands of supporters of an immigration overhaul held rallies on Saturday at more than 150 sites in 40 states, trying to pressure Congress, despite the partisan turmoil in Washington, to focus on passing a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants here illegally. Read More »
Local 32BJ Grows by Organizing
“Unless we’re organizing, we’re going backwards,” says vice-president Rob Hill, 32BJ’s organizing director. Read More »
Immigration Advocates Mock House GOP in Parody Video
"They're giving it a lot of lip service when you see something like the Heritage Month ad talking about the contributions Hispanics have made to American society, but these are the exact same people who invoke the Hastert Rule on immigration. " Read More »
Following in Janitors’ Footsteps, Miami Cafeteria Workers Walk Off the Job
Food-service workers at the University of Miami walked off the job today during the noontime rush hour, accusing the university’s food service subcontractor, Chartwells’, of bargaining in bad faith. Read More »
Chartwells, Unicco Negotiate for Higher Wages
On Wednesday, at the entrance of Stanford Drive, about 50 Chartwells and Unicco employees could be heard shouting “justice.” Read More »
University of Miami Janitors Threaten to Strike
More than 400 custodial workers at the University of Miami say they’re prepared to go on strike unless they receive favorable contract terms by midnight on Aug. 31. Their strike would begin the next day. Many of the workers, represented by a local chapter of the Service Employees International Union, gathered Saturday at St. Bede Read More »
Statement on the George Zimmerman Trial Verdict
The officers of 32BJ are shocked and angered by last night's verdict and deeply saddened for Trayvon Martin's parents and family. A searing loss has been compounded by grave injustice and we are left a wounded nation. Read More »
The Scene Outside the US Airways Shareholder Meeting
Outside the meeting, several dozen workers from airport subcontractors for US Airways and American Airlines protested low wages, carrying signs that read "Poverty doesn't fly." Read More »
Airport Employees: We’re Exposed to Blood and Vomit
Airport wheelchair attendant Celius Joseph hasn’t been trained to clean up blood and urine, but at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, he said, he does it all the time. Read More »
University of Miami Cafeteria Workers Join 32BJ SEIU
  It was a long time coming but cafeteria workers at the University of Miami took a major step toward bargaining a first union contract when they successfully joined 32BJ SEIU yesterday. With that would come the opportunity for many of the 321 workers to leave behind poverty jobs and bargain for good jobs. “This Read More »
Thousands Seeking Immigration Reform Rally in Miami
Thousands of people pushing for immigration reform marched from Little Havana to Bayfront Park Saturday. The Miami rally, one of many staged around the country Saturday, came days before lawmakers in Washington are expected to reveal a bipartisan immigration bill. Read More »
Thousands March in Miami for Immigration Reform
More than 2,000 people marched through downtown Miami on Saturday urging Congress and President Barack Obama to speed up enactment of an immigration reform law to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants in the country. Read More »
‘A Sin to Underpay’: Church Leaders Back UM Food Workers on Union
A dozen ministers and church leaders gathered at the University of Miami on Tuesday to demand fair wages for the university’s food service workers. Read More »
Workers at Nova Southeastern University Win Right to Join Union
After nearly seven years of a struggle marked by public protests, layoffs and charges of threats and intimidation, a few hundred maintenance workers at Nova Southeastern University have finally won the right to join a union. Read More »
Memo to Congress: Give Low-Wage Workers a Fair Deal; Pass the American Jobs Act
Our communities face stubbornly high unemployment, low wages and crushing poverty. Many jobs pay wages so low that employees get food stamps and public health care, while profitable corporations game the system so they pay no taxes. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale Airport Workers Rally For Higher Pay Just Before Busy Thanksgiving Travel Days
Many of the service workers at South Florida's busiest airport for Thanksgiving holiday travel say they can't afford a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Workers Hold Protest; Delays Not Expected
Fort Lauderdale Airport service workers gathered for what they called a peaceful “Thanksgiving Prayer” rally and protest to demand just compensation. Put together by property services union SEIU 32BJ, the protest saw roughly 80 people, including baggage handlers, cleaners, community supporters, and clergy, gather outside Departure-Terminal 1 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport at 11 a.m. Monday morning. Read More »
Airport Service Personnel: Not So Thankful this Thanksgiving
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Florida airports will be bustling this week with travelers headed home for the holidays. Fort Lauderdale International Airport ranks in the top ten busiest in the country during the Thanksgiving holiday. While many of those travelers spent hundreds of dollars for their tickets, passenger assistance employees like Edson Jocelyn are making Read More »
Edson Jocelyn: I’m Thankful, but Always Struggling
Like many of you, I love having family and friends over for Thanksgiving. Turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce. Plenty of mashed potatoes on the side and a good slice of pumpkin pie. Mmmm, happiness can be so easy. Except when you can’t afford dinner. Thanksgiving, my favorite American holiday, is coming up, but our dinner this Read More »
A Message on Hurricane Sandy from 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa
Be assured that 32BJ will fight to ensure all contract provisions are enforced, and that all members in need will get whatever help and assistance they require. Read More »
Fired Cafeteria Worker Reinstated After UM Student Uproar
A University of Miami cafeteria cashier says she’s been given a second chance. Betty Asbury, affectionately known as “Miss Betty”  will go back to work at the cafeteria Wednesday, October 31st. University of Miami  students rallied last week to support her saying she was unjustly fired. The kids at UM, they supported me, they stood Read More »
Chartwells announces Miss Betty will return to work on campus
After weeks of student uproar, Betty Asbury will return to work at Chartwells Wednesday. However, Asbury will not be allowed back to her post as a cashier at the Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall. Asbury was dismissed on Oct. 10, which she said was the day after a man walked past her in the Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall Read More »
Betty Must Be Brought Back
University of Miami students rallied in front of their university center on Tuesday afternoon in support of the reinstatement of a food service cashier who they say was wrongfully fired. Betty Asbury, whom students affectionately call “Miss Betty,” was dismissed on Oct. 10 by the UM food service caterer Chartwells. According to Asbury, she was dismissed Read More »
Students Rally Around Fired University of Miami Cafeteria Worker
University of Miami students are rallying around a school cafeteria worker who was dismissed from her job on October 10, the day after she let a man leave the cafeteria without paying. The worker, Betty Asbury, claims the man only used the restroom and did not eat or drink anything. Students have since rallied around Asbury, Read More »
UM Students Rally To “Bring Betty Back”
More than 100 University of Miami students are scheduled to rally for a campus food service worker, affectionately known as Miss Betty, who they say was unjustly fired. The students will submit 3,000 signatures to the Chartwells office on the university campus. Chartwells, a division of Compass Group, is the food service company that employed her. Betty Read More »
UM Students Protest Firing Of Miss Betty
Students at the University of Miami (UM) are protesting the firing of a popular cafeteria worker. Betty Asbury was fired two weeks ago by the food service company Chartwells. According to Asbury, she was fired after a man walked by her cashier post without paying for breakfast. Asbury says her district manager reviewed security video and saw Read More »
“Miss Betty” Is Back On The Job At UM
Students at the University of Miami fought to bring back one of their favorite workers on after she was, in their opinion, unfairly fired. Fifty three year old cafeteria worker Betty Asbury, better known as “Miss Betty” to the students, was terminated on October 10th. After an internal investigation and a campaign by the students Read More »
UM Students Rally To Reinstate Fired Dining Hall Cashier
School spirit filled the air at the University of Miami Friday night as students celebrated Homecoming. Many of them stood, literally, with the new  “U” monument in the grassy area across from the bookstore. But in a lecture hall nearby, another group stood with Betty Asbury. “For this to happen to me, I don’t understand Read More »
Corporate HR personnel to investigate dismissal of Chartwells employee
Chartwells will send corporate human resource personnel to the University of Miami on Monday to review Betty Asbury’s dismissal, said Nawara Alawa, Student Government (SG) president. Asbury was dismissed on Oct. 10. According to Asbury, this occurred the day after a man walked past her cashier post in the Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall without paying. “I Read More »
Chartwells employee’s dismissal leads to petition
Sitting in the library of St. Bede’s Episcopal Chapel on campus on Tuesday evening, Betty Asbury, known to many as “Miss Betty,” started to cry. “Lord, I done lost my job,” she said. “What am I to do? I done lost everything.” Asbury was dismissed on Oct. 10, the day after a man walked past Read More »
Miami Minimum Wage Protest: 7 People We Met At The Rally
Wielding signs under the blazing July sun, 200 people rallied at Bayfront Park Tuesday afternoon to encourage Congress to increase the federal minimum wage. Members of local advocacy group 1Miami were joined by other supporters and minimum wage workers to argue against keeping wages low in a time when cost of living continues to increase. Read More »
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