“They have to be aware that the people who work for them are not just statistics, but we are people. The union has allowed us to show that and use our voices.”

~ Michael Greene, 32BJ Member, New York

Mid-Atlantic District Blogs

I Stand with Katie McGinty
My name is Mike Brown. I am a 32BJ SEIU security officer with Allied Barton at Temple University. On Tuesday, I am supporting Katie McGinty because she stands with working people. Read More »
Winning in the 1st State
The new year is off to a good start for commercial office cleaners in Delaware. We now have a strong, new four-year agreement thanks to months of hard work in the buildings and at... Read More »
What We Achieved in Pennsylvania and Delaware in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in Pennsylvania and... Read More »
BOLR’s Proposals Will Set Us Back
We are fighting for $15 because we have goals and dreams for our families. We want our children to have an opportunity to go to college and achieve the American Dream. Read More »
Hillary Clinton for President
Your 32BJ Executive Board voted to support the SEIU’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the best choice for president. Read More »
Vote for the PA 3: Dougherty, Wecht and Donohue
Elected officials make a difference: for our contracts, for labor laws, and for our ability to support our families. We need a PA Supreme Court that stands with working families or all of our... Read More »
Philly Contract Ratified!
Philly members overwhelmingly ratified a new commercial contract that provides wage increases and protects benefits. Read More »
Fighting for Our Livelihood
As a proud commercial office cleaner and 32BJ member in Center City Philadelphia, I am fighting for my livelihood and for the more than 2,800 brothers and sisters covered under this union contract. Read More »
Fighting Back Against TEVA
TEVA’s actions have destroyed the lives of ten janitors and their families and could lower standards for all 32BJ janitors. We are fighting back. Read More »
Justice for Janitors
This year, we honored our proud history by taking to the streets in all our commercial districts during the week of June 15-19. Read More »
Pennsylvania’s Winning!
The past few months have been exciting in the State of Pennsylvania for 32BJ and its hardworking members. Read More »
Our Evolution Forward
Office cleaners are leading the fight for an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Read More »
A Tour of Philadelphia Fit for a Pope
In September, Pope Francis will attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. Speculation abounds over where the Pope will go and who he will visit in the City of Brotherly Love. The Pope... Read More »
Unite, Fight and Win
2015 will be a year of challenge and opportunity for 32BJ. If we stay united and fight together, it will be a wonderful year. Read More »
Giving Thanks
We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our members, and our shared persistence that has brought real change to working people’s lives. Read More »
A Huge Step Forward
President Obama changed the lives of millions of working people who can now come out of the shadows and live free of fear. Read More »
Building Security Leadership in New York and Around the Country
Just 10 years ago there were only 1,000 security officers in all of 32BJ now we are more than 20,000 standing strong and supporting each other across the 11 states and Washington DC. With... Read More »
Our Work Is Not Done
Working people can make real and substantial change when we come out to vote and come out strong for politics. Read More »
Philly Airport Workers Fight for Safer Conditions
Philadelphia airport workers are rising up to call for better training and preparedness to deal with possible exposure to infectious diseases. Read More »
“All Politics Is Local” — Not Too Late to Get Involved
Recent victories have shown us the importance of winning local elections at the city and state level over and over again. Read More »
Why the 2014 Elections Matter
Elections that don’t involve choosing the President can seem unimportant and irrelevant to daily life. But sometimes, like this year, elections for local politicians can be the most crucial ones. Read More »
Making History in Pennsylvania
Gov. Tom Corbett will make history by becoming Pennsylvania's first sitting governor to lose his re-election race. His loss will be well deserved. Read More »
Tax Reform Should Help Working Families
Nothing underscores the need for federal tax reform more than corporations struggling to find places to hide piles of cash while working people are struggling. Unpaid corporate taxes could have offered help to working... Read More »
Philly City Council Passes Earned Sick Days Bill
Philadelphia 32BJ members are celebrating the passage of historic earned sick days legislation today. City Council members voted to pass the Healthy Families and Workplaces Bill on Thursday morning, taking the next critical... Read More »
Giving Thanks and Support
From 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa As I think about all the things I am thankful for this year, you are at the top of my list. I am so thankful for all of the hard work... Read More »
Support Veterans Today
Hundreds of janitors at Walter Reed National Navy Medical Center and other government buildings haven’t received their last paycheck for two weeks of work from contracting company Escab Enterprises and they don’t know when—or... Read More »
From Your New Union President
I am incredibly honored and excited to greet you as the new president of 32BJ SEIU! Yesterday I stood with the new officers and Executive Board of our proud local as we were sworn... Read More »
It’s been an honor
By Mike Fishman Today is my last day as President of 32BJ SEIU. Serving as your president for 12 years has been my greatest honor, and I thank you for the opportunity. We have... Read More »
Will You Leave the Door Open for Your Children?
By Mike Fishman This week I was honored to represent 32BJ at the Democratic National Convention, and witnessed first-hand the stark differences between the two parties. Let me tell you — there’s a lot... Read More »
Photos From The LOVE Park Rally
In Philadelphia, elected officials, community and faith leaders, union members, workers, students and activists from across the city rallied in LOVE Park to celebrate a union organizing drive that will transform 3,000 security jobs... Read More »