The word union means we are all together. No one is out there on a limb by himself.

~ Leroy Abramson, 32BJ Member, New York


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2,000 Contract Airport Workers Go on Strike at Seven U.S. Hubs
Entering one of the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year, about 2,000 baggage handlers and other airport workers at seven of America's biggest hubs went on strike Wednesday night over pay and union rights. Read More »
Philly Airport Workers Vote to Strike During DNC
When Democrats arrive in Philadelphia later this month for their party's convention, they might be met by a picket line. Read More »
Airport Workers Plan Disruptions in Nine U.S. Cities on MLK Day
Workers from nine U.S. airports are planning to block bridges, march through terminals and protest at airline headquarters during a day of civil disobedience on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Read More »
Suburban Office Cleaners Ratify Deal that Includes Nearly Two Dollar Pay Bump
About 1,400 commercial office cleaners working in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties have ratified a contract with employers, which includes a nearly two dollar an hour raise. Read More »
Suburban Building Owners & Custodians Reach New Contract
Suburban office building landlords and the union representing roughly 1,400 janitors reached a new contract Tuesday night that puts workers' wages just shy of their desired rate. Read More »
Suburban Office Janitors Rally for $15 Wage as Contract Expiration Looms
Dozens of janitors who staff more than 150 suburban Philadelphia office buildings called for a wage that would give their children a Christmas they deserve in a demonstration Thursday outside Vanguard's Malvern offices. Read More »
Airport Pay Isn’t Soaring
As travelers pass through airports on their way to visit their families this Thanksgiving, they should take note of the people pushing grandma's wheelchair, loading dad's golf clubs, or quietly mopping the terminal. Read More »
2,000 Contract Airport Workers Go on Strike at Seven U.S. Hubs
Entering one of the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year, about 2,000 baggage handlers and other airport workers at seven of America's biggest hubs went on strike Wednesday night over pay and union rights. Read More »
Airport Workers Strike
The workers, mostly cabin and airport cleaners, were picketing Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York City, as well as airports in Newark, N.J., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, Fl., according to the Service Employees International Union. Read More »
No Strike: Janitor’s Union Makes 11th Hour Deal
The threat of a strike by thousands of Center City janitors has been averted as the 32BJ SEIU union inked an 11th hour deal with the Building Owners Labor Relations Inc. late Thursday evening. Read More »
Thousands of City Janitors Authorize Strike
The union representing 2,800 janitors who clean 168 Center City office buildings — including the Comcast Center and Cira Centre — has voted to authorize a strike amidst negotiations for a new contract. Read More »
Service-Union Workers to Vote on Strike Authorization
With the expiration of their contract looming, thousands of janitors will gather in Center City today to take a strike-authorization vote, union officials said last night. Read More »
Service Workers Fight for a Share of Philly’s Revitalized Center City
On a humid Wednesday afternoon, over 1,000 members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 32BJ crammed into the confines of Center City Philadelphia’s Chestnut Street, between 22nd and 21st Street. Read More »
Janitors Rally for Jobs, Better Pay
Several thousand pumped-up unionized service employees from Massachusetts to Virginia joined with local members yesterday in Center City to rally for better pay for themselves and for other low-wage workers. Read More »
Janitors March for Their Jobs, Benefits
Thousands of union janitors marched through Center City Wednesday, hoping to preserve their benefits and earn what they call fair wages. Read More »
Building-Service Workers Rally for Better Contract with Office Landlords
Center City's unionized office cleaners, maintenance workers, and other building-service staffers say they want to share in the benefits of an improving commercial real estate sector as they begin negotiations on a new labor contract. Read More »
Hillary, Jeb!…and the People Who Are Actually Saving America
I have to confess feeling more alienated than ever about American presidential politics these days...most of it, anyway. Read More »
‘Justice for Janitors’ Rally Sends Message to Local Employers
Over 150 workers took part in a "Justice for Janitors" march through Center City on Wednesday. Organized by the SEIU 32BJ service workers union, the rally was intended to be both a commemoration and a call-out. Read More »
Janitors March Through Philly to Mark 25th Anniversary of Fight
Around 100 janitors, all members of the SEIU 32BJ service workers union, marched through Center City to the Pennsylvania Convention Center to denounce unfair employment practices on Wednesday. Read More »
New Airport Lease Gives Wage Hike to Subcontractors’ Workers
A NEW LEASE agreement between Philadelphia International Airport and the airlines that use it will serve as more than just an economic stimulus. Read More »
What Would Francis Do? Vote for Workers
I'M SARINA SANTOS, a wife and mother of four children. I worked at the Philadelphia International Airport as a baggage handler, making $7.25 an hour for a subcontractor called PrimeFlight. Read More »
Religious Leaders March to City Hall to Support Fired Airport Employee
SARINA SANTOS can't remember the last time she could afford to take her family out to dinner. What's fresh in her mind is the day, three weeks ago, when she was fired from her job as a baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Clergy Protest at Airport for Minimum Wage
More than 200 clergy and laymen from across the country prayed, sang and anointed the hands of airport workers Thursday in a demonstration to demand an increase in minimum wage at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Workers Picket at Philadelphia International Airport over Wages
Non-union workers are picketing at the Philadelphia International Airport to protest low wages. Read More »
City Council Moves to Secure Labor Peace at Airport
City Council passed several bills related to labor unrest at Philadelphia International Airport and at new hotel developments during its public session on Thursday. Read More »
Baggage Handlers Go On Strike At PHL
Some baggage handlers have pulled out the picket signs at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Airplane Cabin Cleaners, Wary of Ebola, Protest over Phila. Conditions
Airplane cabin cleaners at Philadelphia International Airport employed by subcontractors rallied outside Terminal B on Wednesday, seeking safer procedures to protect "front line" workers against infectious diseases, including Ebola. Read More »
Del. Fast-Food Workers Join National Wage Protest
Fast-food workers are protesting at two Wilmington-area restaurants Thursday as they ask for higher wages. Read More »
Airport Workers Push for Immediate Pay Hike
The low-paid airport workers who cheered when Mayor Nutter signed an executive order in May that extended minimum wage benefits to subcontractors such as them are not cheering anymore. Read More »
With Broad Political Support, Airport Workers to Rally for Hiked Wages
After two years of rallying and pushing for a wage increase, one of the groups depending most on a ballot initiative Tuesday on whether to raise the minimum wage for employees of subcontractors working for the city is the workers of Philadelphia International Airport. - See more at: Read More »
Downtown Baltimore Security Guards Unionizing
Downtown Baltimore security guards are fighting Brantley Security for union representation, and City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young offered his support at a council hearing last night. Read More »
Minimum-Wage Ballot Initiative Seems Like a No-Brainer
Philadelphia is the country’s poorest big city, with almost a third of residents living below the poverty line, according to recent Census figures examined by the Inquirer and Temple University. Read More »
City Council Urges Philadelphia to Vote ‘Yes’ on May 20th
With eight days to go before Pennsylvania’s primary elections, a united City Council on Monday urged Philadelphians to vote “yes” on a ballot question that would extend the current minimum wage of $10.88 to all City subcontracted workers. Read More »
Philly Charter Change Would Reinforce Nutter Order on Wages
Two new measures in Philadelphia promise to raise the wages of employees for some of the companies benefiting from government contracts. Read More »
Airport Workers Demonstrate for Pay Increase, City Charter Change
Low-wage workers at Philadelphia International Airport urged Philadelphia voters Friday to approve a question on the May 20 primary ballot that would increase the minimum wage for employees hired by airport subcontractors to $10.88 an hour. Read More »
Group Presses Meehan for Immigration Reform
“Our broken system allows immigrant workers to be exploited,” said Cynthia Peters, an immigrant from Trinidad and a member of the Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ. Read More »
State’s Fast Food Workers Demand Fair Wages as Part of a Growing Movement
Ben Hunter of Wilmington works hard and shows up on time to his position at Burger King every day but is unable to put food on the table, he said. Read More »
Fast-Food-Worker Movement Coming to Philly
Leaders of the Fast Food Forward movement now hope to place Philadelphia at the vanguard of a push to raise the minimum wage and address America's growing income gap. Read More »
Underemployment Piles On Problems For Low-Wage Workers
Nikisha was delighted when she went from a minimum wage job at the airport to one that paid $8.50 an hour, a raise of more than a dollar. But her dreams of more income were quickly dashed when she learned she’d be working no more than 30 hours a week. Read More »
Labor Unions Pack Pa. Capital Over Paycheck Bill
Labor unions packed the Pennsylvania Capitol for a raucous rally Tuesday as they widened their fight over legislation that aims to prevent the state, school districts and local governments from deducting union dues and political action committee contributions from the paychecks of unionized workers. Read More »
Philadelphia Contract Workers Deserve a Living Wage
The double standard of pay is illogical and immoral. No one who works directly or indirectly for the city should ever have to go hungry. Read More »
Airport Subcontractors Hopeful for Minimum Wage Increase After ‘Historic’ Washington Decision
Philadelphia airport workers will celebrate at City Hall on Friday a historic win for low-wage airport workers in Washington and call on Philadelphia officials to be the next city to raise wages. The workers, to be joined by local faith and community groups, are back to fight for their wages after SeaTac, Washington residents voted Read More »
At the Bottom of Delaware’s Workforce, It’s a Matter of Surviving
Without the disability payments she receives from the federal government for one of her teenage sons, Kelly Mahaffey isn’t sure how she would put a roof over her family’s head or buy enough groceries to get through the week. Read More »
Decent Pay Makes Sense
Too many are trying to support families on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, and they can't do it. Nor should they have to. Read More »
Wilmington Fast-Food Workers Join National Protest Against Low Wages
Delaware fast food workers joined their colleagues around the country on Thursday, taking to the streets to send a message to their employers: “Super-size our wages” because “we can’t survive on $7.25.” Read More »
Among American Workers, Poll Finds Unprecedented Anxiety about Jobs, Economy
The alarm rang on John Stewart’s phone at 1:10 a.m. Up at 1:30, he caught one bus north into Philadelphia a little after 2 and another bus, south toward the airport, half an hour after that. He made it into work around 3:25 for a shift that started at 4, for a job that pays $5.25 an hour, which he cannot afford to lose. Read More »
Would-Be Democratic Pa. Governors Lace into Corbett
Five of the eight Democrats seeking to unseat Gov. Corbett next year lobbied for the limelight and lit into the incumbent Saturday at a candidate forum that exposed few gaps between them on policy and yawning chasms separating their styles. Read More »
More Pay for Fast-Food Workers
The message brought by Delaware fast-food workers; Daisy Cruz, director of the 32BJ SEIU Mid-Atlantic; and the Delaware Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action was simple – $15 per hour and a union because “We can’t survive on $7.25.” Read More »
Time Is Now
On Saturday, October 5, hundreds of immigrants and supporters from across eastern Pennsylvania gathered at Love Park to celebrate our diversity and to tell Congress: “Don’t Shutdown Immigration Reform. The Time for A Vote is Now.” Read More »
Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul
Thousands of supporters of an immigration overhaul held rallies on Saturday at more than 150 sites in 40 states, trying to pressure Congress, despite the partisan turmoil in Washington, to focus on passing a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants here illegally. Read More »
Local 32BJ Grows by Organizing
“Unless we’re organizing, we’re going backwards,” says vice-president Rob Hill, 32BJ’s organizing director. Read More »
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