I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD

New England 615 Blogs

At Logan Airport: Faces Of Economic Inequality
Anyone looking to capture an image of income inequality at a glance need look only to a major metropolitan airport like Logan International Airport. Read More »
What We Achieved in New England in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in New England... Read More »
Hillary Clinton for President
Your 32BJ Executive Board voted to support the SEIU’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the best choice for president. Read More »
VICTORY! #WhenWeFightWeWin!
With perseverance, hard work and the help of you all, our brothers and sisters at Cross Point, Lowell, MA and Nagog Park in Acton, MA are winning the battle against injustice. Read More »
Justice for Janitors
This year, we honored our proud history by taking to the streets in all our commercial districts during the week of June 15-19. Read More »
Our Evolution Forward
Office cleaners are leading the fight for an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Read More »
Committed to Each Other
Making BU Strong was a complete success. At a time of increasing economic inequality, we were able to protect the kind of good middle-class jobs that not only make BU strong, but help... Read More »
Unite, Fight and Win
2015 will be a year of challenge and opportunity for 32BJ. If we stay united and fight together, it will be a wonderful year. Read More »
Giving Thanks
We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our members, and our shared persistence that has brought real change to working people’s lives. Read More »
A Huge Step Forward
President Obama changed the lives of millions of working people who can now come out of the shadows and live free of fear. Read More »
Building Security Leadership in New York and Around the Country
Just 10 years ago there were only 1,000 security officers in all of 32BJ now we are more than 20,000 standing strong and supporting each other across the 11 states and Washington DC. With... Read More »
Our Work Is Not Done
Working people can make real and substantial change when we come out to vote and come out strong for politics. Read More »
“All Politics Is Local” — Not Too Late to Get Involved
Recent victories have shown us the importance of winning local elections at the city and state level over and over again. Read More »
Logan Airport is Moving Forward
By voting unanimously for creating a $10 wage floor policy for contracted service workers, the Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort) took a bold step that brings us closer to victory in the fight for dignity... Read More »
Why the 2014 Elections Matter
Elections that don’t involve choosing the President can seem unimportant and irrelevant to daily life. But sometimes, like this year, elections for local politicians can be the most crucial ones. Read More »
Standing Up to Be Counted
I was proud today to stand with nearly a thousand wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers, skycaps, cabin cleaners, janitors, ramp agents, and dispatchers who keep Logan International Airport running as they spoke loud and clear... Read More »
Rights Are Not Handouts
This week we celebrated Labor Day. A day to remember that the rights we enjoy as workers today are not handouts. They are the blood, sweat and tears of millions of workers who one... Read More »
M-B-T-A   Riders, there is need to feel down I said Riders, pick the trash off the ground I said Riders, there’s a new T in town and it’s so un-sa-ni-ta-ry   Riders, they... Read More »
Security Officers Ratify New Five-Year Contract!
One day before the June 30, 2013 master security contract expiration, SEIU New England District 615 security officers ratified their second five-year contract agreement, which includes increased hourly rates to $16.60 by 2018, more... Read More »
Airport Workers and Community Call for Good Jobs at Logan
G2 employee and organizing committee member Yocelin Ratchell delivered a letter calling on G2 to “meet with a committee of G2 employees and with our organization, SEIU Local 615, to talk about how we... Read More »
New Legislation Would Prevent Displacing Workers
SEIU Local 615 kicked-off its Advocacy Day on January 30, 2013 at the State House in the morning and finished the day demonstrating at New Balance offices in Lawrence, protesting the displacement of over... Read More »