The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union.

~ Yeny Nuñez, 32BJ Member, Connecticut

New England 615 Member Profiles
Richard Adams: I Refuse to Be the Norm
We are stronger than that. We are better than that. We can change the airport. Those $10 an hour didn't come out of the blue. We fought for them. And we'll continue fighting for... Read More »
Emmanuel Sebit: A Hell of a Job
I came to America running away from war and political unrest. With my home country of South Sudan caught up in an endless conflict, I wanted peace more than anything. So I came to... Read More »
Heleodora Caraballo
" I tell people that we need elected officials who will not just support us as workers and union members, but also as members of the community, as parents. That’s my inspiration to keep... Read More »
Roxana Rivera
Roxana Rivera has been organizing low-wage workers for over twenty years, fighting for workers’ rights and justice for immigrants. She has been a part of and led hunger strikes and strikes in California and... Read More »