We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

New Jersey Blogs

What we achieved in New Jersey in 2015
As we begin 2016 and look forward to everything a new year can bring, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what we, together, have achieved as a union in New Jersey... Read More »
Hillary Clinton for President
Your 32BJ Executive Board voted to support the SEIU’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the best choice for president. Read More »
When We Fight, We Win!
32BJ cleaners in New Jersey won a big victory against a contractor that tried to get rid of them because of their union affiliation. Read More »
Justice for Janitors
This year, we honored our proud history by taking to the streets in all our commercial districts during the week of June 15-19. Read More »
Fight for $15 is a Fight for All Workers
From fast food workers, to janitors, to airport workers, the Fight for $15 is a fight for all workers. Read More »
Our Evolution Forward
Office cleaners are leading the fight for an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Read More »
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
On April 16th 1963, in an open letter from the Birmingham jail where Dr. King Jr. was imprisoned for being part of a nonviolent demonstration against segregation, he wrote “Justice too long delayed is... Read More »
Unite, Fight and Win
2015 will be a year of challenge and opportunity for 32BJ. If we stay united and fight together, it will be a wonderful year. Read More »
Giving Thanks
We are grateful for the dedication and commitment of our members, and our shared persistence that has brought real change to working people’s lives. Read More »
A Huge Step Forward
President Obama changed the lives of millions of working people who can now come out of the shadows and live free of fear. Read More »
Building Security Leadership in New York and Around the Country
Just 10 years ago there were only 1,000 security officers in all of 32BJ now we are more than 20,000 standing strong and supporting each other across the 11 states and Washington DC. With... Read More »
Our Work Is Not Done
Working people can make real and substantial change when we come out to vote and come out strong for politics. Read More »
Let’s Elect the Guys Who Aren’t Tired of the Minimum Wage Talk
On November 4th you aren’t just voting for a new elected official to represent you, instead you are voting to raise standards and elect allies that will enter the ring and be ready to... Read More »
“All Politics Is Local” — Not Too Late to Get Involved
Recent victories have shown us the importance of winning local elections at the city and state level over and over again. Read More »
A Union of Leaders
Close to 150 New Jersey member leaders gathered together for our annual NJ Member Leader Conference. Members from all of the different divisions: airport workers, office cleaners, security officers, school custodians and food service... Read More »
Election of Baraka Points towards a Prosperous Future for Newark
The election of Ras Baraka as Newark’s next mayor heralds an invigorated city with broader opportunities for working families and immigrants. Read More »
Prevailing Wage Is A Middle Class Booster
New Jersey is poised to enact meaningful economic development legislation that could bring about a surge in the growth of middle-class jobs, strengthening communities throughout the state. The Senate Budget Committee and sponsors of... Read More »
Huge Crowd Celebrates Opening of 32BJ and 1199 Art Show
Our annual art show held in conjunction with 1199 was a huge success! A record 300 people attended the show, which included 183 pieces of art from 82 contributors, including staff, members, and their... Read More »
Giving Thanks and Support
From 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa As I think about all the things I am thankful for this year, you are at the top of my list. I am so thankful for all of the hard work... Read More »
We Did It!
Newly re-elected U.S. Senator Bob Menendez joined us at the New Jersey membership meeting in Newark. We also hosted a FEMA official to discuss how to get aid following Hurricane Sandy. Read More »
Support Veterans Today
Hundreds of janitors at Walter Reed National Navy Medical Center and other government buildings haven’t received their last paycheck for two weeks of work from contracting company Escab Enterprises and they don’t know when—or... Read More »
From Your New Union President
I am incredibly honored and excited to greet you as the new president of 32BJ SEIU! Yesterday I stood with the new officers and Executive Board of our proud local as we were sworn... Read More »
It’s been an honor
By Mike Fishman Today is my last day as President of 32BJ SEIU. Serving as your president for 12 years has been my greatest honor, and I thank you for the opportunity. We have... Read More »
Will You Leave the Door Open for Your Children?
By Mike Fishman This week I was honored to represent 32BJ at the Democratic National Convention, and witnessed first-hand the stark differences between the two parties. Let me tell you — there’s a lot... Read More »
Chris Christie’s in love
By Kevin Brown The governor is in love, but unfortunately it isn’t with us. Late Tuesday night, our Governor Chris Christie delivered his keynote speech to the Republican National Convention. And while he was... Read More »