I think every shop steward should be training someone else and that person can be training someone else too.

~ Maurice Thomas, 32BJ Member, DC/VA/MD


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Memo to Congress: Give Low-Wage Workers a Fair Deal; Pass the American Jobs Act
Our communities face stubbornly high unemployment, low wages and crushing poverty. Many jobs pay wages so low that employees get food stamps and public health care, while profitable corporations game the system so they pay no taxes. Read More »
A new report foresees a Pittsburgh that works for working people
The August Wilson Center hosted a community panel focused on finding solutions to the city’s affordable housing, civil rights, economic development, job and transportation woes. Read More »
Workers Rally in Downtown Pittsburgh for Higher Wages
More than 60 security officers and custodians turned out for a morning rally in Downtown Pittsburgh to protest low wages. Read More »
Downtown Pittsburgh Protesters Rally for Paid Sick Leave
More than 50 food and commercial workers this morning rallied in front of the City-County Building, Downtown, urging their employers to afford them paid sick leave. Read More »
Pitt Maintenance Workers Ratify Contract
The University of Pittsburgh has reached a new deal with 400 workers who maintain the school's buildings and grounds. Read More »
Pittsburgh Security Guards Flocking to Service Employees International Union
It has taken less than a year to organize 400 security guards in Pittsburgh, and another 400 are expected to be members of Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ by the middle of next month. Read More »
Recent Campaigns Helping Pittsburgh Unions Find Their Footing
Pittsburgh’s union past has become the foundation of future unionization. Read More »
Security Guards Protest for Right to Unionize
A crowd of 50-60 protestors gathered on Fourth Avenue between PPG Place and Market Square last Wednesday afternoon in support of security guards’ right to unionize. Read More »
Pittsburgh Security Guards Rally for Job Security
Steel City security guards rallied Downtown on Wednesday to demand greater job security, and to point out many of the private contractors hired by high-rise owners or managers don't offer their workers enough training, room for advancement, or sufficient pay for the modern-day challenges security guards face. Read More »
30 cited for blocking street at union rally at UPMC facility
About 30 people demanding better wages and trying to form a union for service workers at UPMC facilities were arrested for sitting in the middle of a busy Downtown street and blocking Wednesday afternoon's rush hour traffic. Read More »
UPMC employees protest job, wage cuts
It’s not that they don’t want to speak up. But the biggest difference between Barbara Mathis and the other UPMC employees who have been laid off over the past few months is that she refused to sign a confidential severance agreement with the region’s largest hospital network. Read More »
Protestors Claim UPMC Fired Workers in ‘Retaliation’
About a hundred protestors gathered outside of UPMC Shadyside this morning — at times blocking traffic along Centre Avenue — to call attention to what union organizers say is the "retaliatory" firing of union janitors there last month. Read More »
The Revolt of the Cities
During the past 20 years, immigrants and young people have transformed the demographics of urban America. Now, they’re transforming its politics and mapping the future of liberalism. Read More »
Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto Set to Meet with UPMC Chief
Mayor Bill Peduto on Tuesday called UPMC's fractured relationship with its employees and the city of Pittsburgh his “most pressing issue” and believes two days of union unrest could be the catalyst for change. Read More »
UPMC Protests to Resume Tuesday Morning
A push for unionization and higher wages for service workers at UPMC that has lasted more than two years spilled into Downtown streets Monday, snarling traffic during morning and afternoon commutes during demonstrations that are scheduled to continue today. Read More »
Pittsburgh United Releases Report On UPMC Wages
Representatives of several organizations are set to gather outside of UPMC headquarters today to lobby in support of wage increases—and they might have some economic ammunition. Read More »
Rep. Mike Doyle Joins Workers Rallying Against UPMC
U.S. Congressman Mike Doyle joined UPMC workers and community activists for a rally outside the federal building in downtown Pittsburgh Monday. Read More »
Labor Unions Pack Pa. Capital Over Paycheck Bill
Labor unions packed the Pennsylvania Capitol for a raucous rally Tuesday as they widened their fight over legislation that aims to prevent the state, school districts and local governments from deducting union dues and political action committee contributions from the paychecks of unionized workers. Read More »
Our Not-So Charitable Charity: UPMC Should Do More for the City and Its Own Employees
Every day, and particularly during the holiday season, Pittsburgh’s nonprofits and charities are hard at work — organizing food drives, collecting gifts for kids whose parents are struggling to make ends meet, and bringing cheer to the elderly and the sick. Their dedication makes Pittsburgh a better place to live and shows us what charity Read More »
Newsmaker: Hermaine Delaney
Delaney is retiring as the Pittsburgh district leader of 32BJ SEIU, the largest union of office and window cleaners, doormen, maintenance workers and security guards. Read More »
Raise the Wage: A Higher Minimum Would Pump Up the Economy
Increasing the minimum wage would create buying power and boost the nation’s economy. Read More »
Would-Be Democratic Pa. Governors Lace into Corbett
Five of the eight Democrats seeking to unseat Gov. Corbett next year lobbied for the limelight and lit into the incumbent Saturday at a candidate forum that exposed few gaps between them on policy and yawning chasms separating their styles. Read More »
CulinArt Employees Agree on New Contract
After nearly four months of bargaining, food service contractor CulinArt Inc. and 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the union representing Carnegie Mellon’s food service workers, have come to an agreement on a new contract. Read More »
Thousands Rally Nationwide in Support of an Immigration Overhaul
Thousands of supporters of an immigration overhaul held rallies on Saturday at more than 150 sites in 40 states, trying to pressure Congress, despite the partisan turmoil in Washington, to focus on passing a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants here illegally. Read More »
Local 32BJ Grows by Organizing
“Unless we’re organizing, we’re going backwards,” says vice-president Rob Hill, 32BJ’s organizing director. Read More »
In a Low-Margin Laundry Business, Workers Are Making More than Minimum Wage
The work is hot and mind-numbing, but the employees in the CleanCare plant have what many low-skilled workers are protesting for in Pittsburgh and across the nation. They earn $9 to $12 an hour, have vacation time, company-paid health and dental insurance and a pension. Read More »
CulinArt Employees Lobby for Higher Wages
Since the university’s contract with CulinArt Inc. expired on June 30, 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — the union representing Carnegie Mellon’s service workers — has been fighting to increase the wages of it members at Carnegie Mellon. Read More »
Group Says UPMC Wage Scale Is Harmful
UPMC may be the state's largest employer with more than 50,000 people on staff locally, but the low wages that many of its service workers earn are eroding Pittsburgh's middle class. Read More »
Voices for Undocumented Immigrants Lobbying Washington
A range of groups — from farmers to unions to Silicon Valley’s biggest players — are mounting pressure on Washington to pass an immigration reform package. They have power. They have a voice. But it’s hard for undocumented immigrants to come forward and share their stories. Read More »
Low-Wage Workers Rally for Recognition
The protests that will be held today Downtown at a McDonald's restaurant, at Target in East Liberty, and at UPMC Presbyterian in Oakland will be to call for employers to pay higher wages to workers. Today was chosen for the protest because it is the fourth anniversary of the last time the federal minimum wage increased. Read More »
Bevy of children, laid off school employees descend upon capitol to decry Philadelphia school cuts
District schools are set to cut counselors, assistant principals and support staff in July as a result of a massive $304 million deficit. More than 20 percent of the district’s staff – about 3,800 people – received layoff notices. Read More »
Labor Dispute at Company that Makes MLB Uniforms
Every time Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee looks to catcher Erik Kratz for the sign, turning his familiar red number 33 to the center field cameras, he's showing off the craftsmanship of some of the 500 people who work at VF Majestic in Palmer Township. Read More »
Peduto Wins Democratic Nod for Pittsburgh Mayoral Race
With a convincing win for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Pittsburgh Tuesday, Bill Peduto was on the threshold of capturing the office he's sought in three campaigns and one that he pledged to use to replace the city's "machine" with a new, more progressive coalition. Read More »
SEUI Local 32BJ Blasts Corbett Over School Funding
Stating that public education in Philadelphia is encountering its “second manufactured crisis,” local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union blasted Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration for inadequate education funding, and the recent sequestration that has gridlocked Congress and is causing a fiscal ripple effect that the union and the White House say will affect Read More »
Peduto Announces Union Nods
As promised, Bill Peduto’s mayoral campaign announced some union endorsments today from SEIU and three laborers groups. “The leaders of the service and building trades movement understand that Pittsburgh needs new leadership and they have joined the political leadership of Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald in supporting Bill Peduto for Mayor,” the camp said in Read More »
Memo to Congress: Give Low-Wage Workers a Fair Deal; Pass the American Jobs Act
Our communities face stubbornly high unemployment, low wages and crushing poverty. Many jobs pay wages so low that employees get food stamps and public health care, while profitable corporations game the system so they pay no taxes. Read More »
A Message on Hurricane Sandy from 32BJ President Héctor Figueroa
Be assured that 32BJ will fight to ensure all contract provisions are enforced, and that all members in need will get whatever help and assistance they require. Read More »
1000s demonstrate against cuts to education in Pa.
Thousands of demonstrators statewide took to the streets Wednesday to protest education cuts they say have decimated school districts across Pennsylvania, and they called for lawmakers to reject further reductions Gov. Tom Corbett proposes for next year. A total of 25 people were arrested during massive demonstrations in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as they blocked traffic Read More »
Thousands protest school privatization plan in union-led march, 14 arrested
The state-controlled School Reform Commission‘s plan to close 64 schools and privatize management of potentially all that remain open has sparked widespread opposition across Philadelphia. The plan would also outsource all blue collar work, and today members of SEIU 32BJ led thousands of protesters down Broad Street. More than 2,000 workers―from bus drivers to maintenance Read More »
14 arrested at Center City education rally
As an act of civil disobedience, 14 protesters were arrested after sitting down at Broad and Race. Their mission was to condemn what they see as a plot to privatize Philadelphia’s public schools. This was the final act of a much larger rally and march today organized by the SEIU, the Service Employees International Union. Read More »
Pennsylvania school workers protest layoff notices
Protesters marched in at least two major cities in Pennsylvania on Wednesday in response to proposed state budget cuts intended to close gaps in public school funding. The protests were led by property service union 32BJ SEIU, which represents more than 3,000 Pennsylvania public school aides, bus drivers, attendants, cleaners and maintenance workers. In Philadelphia, Read More »