The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union.

~ Yeny Nuñez, 32BJ Member, Connecticut


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Thousands Of NYC Building Service Workers Rally For Fair Contract
From your apartment building to the street, a march and rally planned by building service workers took place Wednesday to coincide with a strike authorization vote. Read More »
NYC Lets Luxury Building Owners Stiff Workers and Still Get a Tax Break
City regulators haven’t enforced a 2007 law that requires doormen, janitors and other service workers at taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings to be paid wages comparable to union rates. Read More »
Supers Who Break the Glass Ceiling
Among over 3,000 unionized superintendents in New York City, perhaps a few dozen are women. Read More »
Union Workers Back on Job After 6-Month Dispute With Building Owners
Union workers at a Brooklyn complex who accused owners of slashing wages and firing them returned to work Monday following a settlement with building management, union representatives said. Read More »
Building Owners Who Fired Union Workers Hit With Lawsuit
A Brooklyn housing complex's owner is being accused of cutting wages, threatening and ultimately firing union workers in a complaint filed Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board. Read More »
Printing House Staff Still Hope Door Will Be Open for a Union
At the end of last month, Arturo Vergara returned to his job as the evening doorman at the tony Printing House condos at Hudson St. between Clarkson and Leroy Sts. A month earlier he had been abruptly fired after missing a day of work, and his co-workers briefly went on strike in response. Read More »
Trash Piles Up in Building After Owner Fires Workers, Residents Say
Tenants and union workers at a state-subsidized Brooklyn apartment building protested against new management Thursday after directors fired the complex’s maintenance employees — leaving the building strewn with trash. Read More »
Bed-Stuy Maintenance Workers Say “Hip” Luxury Developer Is Trying To Force Them Out
Yesterday evening, despite unseasonable cold and spitting rain, a group of angry maintenance workers from a Bed-Stuy housing project gathered outside the headquarters of Bushburg Properties, their new boss. Read More »
Exhibit Charts Luxury Building Workers’ Struggle to Join Union
Working for subpar wages and limited benefits in luxury buildings whose units often sell for over $1 million, a group of service workers have spent the past two years engaged in public and behind-the-scenes efforts to join the 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Read More »
Astoria Cove Site Developer Comes to Labor Union Agreement for Project’s Construction
The developers asking city permission to build a controversial 1,700-unit luxury development on the Queens waterfront have come to an agreement to use union labor on the job. Read More »
Strategy by Union: Mock a Manhattan Apartment Building’s Selling Points
“Hey there!” shouts the 50-year-old man, wearing an oversize beanie and a tank top, trying to look cool for the camera. “Welcome to AVA, a new kind of living space designed with young, quirky, outside-the-box creatives like us in mind.” Introducing himself as Gary, he makes his way through a sleek lobby of squiggly sculptures and funky lighting. Read More »
Key Councilman Says He Doesn’t Support Controversial Development Proposal
Councilman Costa Constantinides said that he can't support the controversial Astoria Cove development as the plan currently stands, saying the luxury project doesn't include enough affordable housing. Developers are asking for the City Council's permission to build the 1,700-unit complex on the Astoria waterfront. Read More »
Hudson Valley Service Workers Union Reach Tentative Accord
Residential-building service workers in New York State's Hudson Valley region, represented by SEIU Local 32BJ Hudson Valley, reached a tentative agreement yesterday with the Building and Realty Institute of Westchester and the Mid-Hudson Region (BRI), averting a possible strike with the Sept. 30 expiration of the old contract. Read More »
Building Workers Protest Chelsea Gentrification
About 50 building workers protested outside 520 West 23rd Street on Thursday, August 28, 2014 because they say that the residential condo board’s refusal to recognize their union of choice reflects the growing gentrification of the Chelsea neighborhood where building owners and developers aren’t paying living wages and benefits. Read More »
Apartment Building Workers Seek Raises, Preserved Benefits
Raises, health care and pensions are talking points in new contract negotiations between the Hudson Valley's apartment building workers union and building owners. Read More »
My Buddy the Super
When it’s dinnertime and Michele W. Miller’s husband, Jerome, has gone AWOL, Ms. Miller reflexively checks in with her co-op’s superintendent, Carlos Muñoz. Read More »
Is the Luxury Condo The Printing House Union-Busting and Mistreating Staff?
Just weeks after the new Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ contract was renewed, rumblings of union-busting and unfair working conditions are thrusting handymen, porters and doormen back into the spotlight. Read More »
City’s Doormen Reach New Labor Agreement
Under the deal, a typical New York City doorman or porter in a unionized building would make $49,402 by 2018, a jump from the current annual pay of $44,389. The increase would go into effect incrementally over four years. Read More »
Doormen Reach a Tentative Agreement With Landlords
The agreement, which still needs to be ratified by members, represents a slight increase over the 10 percent raise that the union, 32BJ SEIU and city landlords agreed to in 2010, bringing doormen’s salaries to about $44,000. Read More »
Upscale Buildings Deny Workers a Living Wage
Hundreds of union workers marched across the High Line alongside non-union workers, elected officials and local advocates on April 10 to call for better wages for the non-union employees of numerous luxury residential buildings in West Chelsea. Read More »
Thousands Of NYC Building Service Workers Rally For Fair Contract
From your apartment building to the street, a march and rally planned by building service workers took place Wednesday to coincide with a strike authorization vote. Read More »
New York Doormen Assert Their Right to Live in the City Where They Work
The ad on a New York subway shows the smiling face of Anton Rudovic, who works as a doorman at an apartment building on the city's Upper East Side. Read More »
RAB, Doormen Begin Contract Negotiations
Negotiations for a new, multi-year contract began today between the Realty Advisory Board and 32BJ SEIU, the largest private sector union in New York. Read More »
City Doormen, Landlords Set to Bargain
The union representing the city's 30,000 doormen, superintendents and porters plans to leverage New York's booming real-estate market to get a better deal than it did last time from landlords when it opens contract negotiations Thursday. Read More »
Doormen Not Getting Required Wages at 421-a Buildings
Front desk personnel are being denied the wages they’re supposed to be earning — even though the buildings in which they work were lavished with a massive tax break that was supposed to guarantee their wages. Read More »
NYC Doormen Helping Prevent Elder Abuse
New York’s doormen are being enlisted as an army of eyes to look for signs of elder abuse: a stranger picking up the mail, the sudden presence of a rarely seen relative with an attitude, a bruise. Read More »
Demand for Doormen Skyrockets as Luxury Towers Rise in Astoria, Long Island City
The number of doormen across Queens is skyrocketing as new luxury developments rise up across Astoria and Long Island City, drawing in a wave of sharply dressed concierges to the front desks of gleaming new condos and apartments. Read More »
Chelsea Doormen at Luxury Building Near High Line Plan Halloween strike
The doormen and other workers at 520 West 23rd Street have voted to authorize a strike in response to what they've described as “intimidation attempts” by the condo's board over their efforts to unionize and join 32BJ SEIU. Read More »
Marathoner and Doorman Mirsad Kolenovic Commutes on the Run
When he’s not working his doorman job — Wednesdays and Thursdays — Kolenovic says he is running and training, even if it involves doing errands or visiting friends. Read More »
Doorman Who Slept in Storage Room to Help After Sandy Still Hard at Work
As Sandy's wind and rain lashed the city, Bajrushi stayed at his job at 225 W. 23rd St. and continued to stay in Chelsea for the five harrowing days that followed, keeping the building running while the power and heat were out. Read More »
Featherstone: Low Wages for Workers along the High Line
Real estate interests are making bank off the views of the High Line and failing to share the wealth with hardworking New Yorkers. Read More »
Strike Hangs Over Bronx Housing Complex
“We will spend the next few days trying to find a commonality of interests,” Bragg said. “If they don’t come to the table, we’ll be out in the street.” Read More »
Workers Prepare to Strike at Concourse Village
Workers at the massive Concourse Village complex will go out on strike as early as this week if they don’t get a better contract from management, which has slashed benefits and wants to freeze wages for four years. Read More »
Employees at Downtown Brooklyn Building Protest for Higher Wages
Employees at a luxury apartment building in Downtown Brooklyn took to the streets on Monday to call for better wages and benefits. Read More »
Midtown Showdown: Cleaners Fighting Draconian Cuts!
Workers at 295 Madison Avenue - some with more than a decade of employment at the Midtown building - are fighting back against a new cleaning contractor that has summarily cut wages in half and virtually eliminated basic benefits overnight. Read More »
Workers In Chelsea Protest Low Wages At High Rise Luxury Buildings
A group of apartment workers gathered yesterday in front of High Line park's luxury apartment buildings to speak out for higher wages and benefit standards. Read More »
Building Workers’ Union Blasts Developers for Raking in Big Tax Breaks but Low-Balling Employee Salaries, Benefits
Real estate developers who are getting massive tax breaks to set aside a portion of their housing units for low- and moderate-income tenants are gypping their employees at those sites out of pay and benefits, the workers’ union is charging. The Bloomberg administration’s little-known tax-abatement program has been used by developers to build housing in Read More »
Union Officials, Workers Speak for Westchester Worker Protection Bill
Dozens of workers and 32BJ SEIU union representatives came to the Westchester Board of Legislators Monday night to urge the passage of a bill that would give service workers job protections if their building is sold or a contract is awarded to another company. Read More »
Doormen’s Attempt to Join Union Stalled
Building workers at the luxury condominium 1 Lincoln Square are attempting to unionize. But not everyone on the building’s board is supportive of the effort — and the dispute appears to be escalating. Many of the condo’s 18 doormen and other building workers want to join the Service Employees International Union 32BJ. Read More »
Workers Rally at 1 Lincoln Square
Lincoln Square erupted with shouts and whistles last Wednesday, Dec. 12, when local workers rallied outside 150 Columbus Ave. to protest what they believe are unfair working conditions for employees of the building, also known as 1 Lincoln Square. Read More »
Defier of Police and Storm, Tender of Residents’ Cats and Fish
The gathering on Monday evening in the apartment building’s lobby was really a surprise thank-you party for the resident manager, John Coyne, who had borrowed a ladder, scaled a wall and sneaked back inside when the streets in the neighborhood were still closed off. From somewhere inside the building, Mr. Coyne sent residents reassuring e-mails saying that it had survived the storm and that... Read More »
Bicyclists pedal for unionization
A couple dozen Service Employees International Union 32BJ members took to the bike paths and roadways on Aug. 10 to protest developer TF Cornerstone, which they allege does not easily allow workers to unionize. Bicylists, who wore bright T-shirts that read “$2 for the American Dream,” began at 27th Street and Park Avenue in front Read More »
Critical Mass-it’s not just for anarchists, union workers take it to the street on bikes.
Here is a press release from today’s union bike protest: JANITORS, BIKERS AND “THE ETHICIST” RIDE AGAINST RACE TO THE BOTTOM IN NYC LUXURY BUILDINGS -Working Conditions at some Cornerstone Luxury Residential Buildings Denounced as Substandard- New York, NY – Cyclists swamped Park Avenue South today in the family-friendly Ride for the American Dream protest Read More »
Community board says yes to workers’ rights
Community board members in Sunnyside, after tabling the issue twice in previous months, agreed on Thursday night to support unionized and nonunionized workers in their efforts to receive fair compensation. The general, wide-net approach the board took on workers’ rights is intentional. “We’re not supporting or not supporting 32BJ, we’re supporting the workers,” board member Read More »
Community Board Takes Stance in Labor Dispute
In a highly unusual move, Community Board 2 adopted a resolution Thursday night supporting workers’ rights to unionize and to seek fair compensation. The vote comes about four months after one of the city’s most powerful labor unions, 32BJ, asked for the board’s support in its dispute with a developer. The union claims that TF Read More »
Doormen’s Union Marks Year Anniversary of Strike at Midtown East High-Rise
Dozens of members of the doormen’s union marked the one-year anniversary of a strike at an upscale Midtown East high-rise on Thursday with perhaps the largest and loudest protest of the past 12 turbulent months. In front of the building at 350 E. 52nd St., members of 32BJ vowed to escalate their efforts in urging Read More »
Union hits AvalonBay for worksite conditions
A new report criticizes AvalonBay Communities, one of the nation’s largest residential real estate investment trusts, for violating labor laws and allowing unsafe working conditions at its new development projects across the country, including in New York City. The report is compiled by the big property-service workers union, 32BJ SEIU, which has been protesting AvalonBay’s Read More »