Everybody should have a union…. It gives us a voice. It gives you the power to change things that need to be changed.

~ Leslie Williams, 32BJ Member, New Jersey


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Cory Booker Backs Unionization Effort for Security Guards for Newark, Around N.J.
Union officials seeking to represent the roughly 21,000 privately employed security officers who work throughout New Jersey took their aspirations to Newark City Hall this morning and received a ringing endorsement from Mayor Cory Booker. Read More »
Workers Rally in Downtown Pittsburgh for Higher Wages
More than 60 security officers and custodians turned out for a morning rally in Downtown Pittsburgh to protest low wages. Read More »
Harbor East Hires New Security Firm
The management company for Harbor East said Monday it has contracted with a Baltimore-based firm to provide security at its properties, ending an agreement with a Kentucky firm that had come under fire from union organizers. Read More »
Video: A One WTC Security Guard on His Amazing View
For One World Trade Center security officer Louis Medina, the expansive views afforded from the tower’s upper floors are one of the highlights of the job. Read More »
Trenton School Security Guards Seek Union Representation
A group of security guards contracted to work in Trenton Public Schools is seeking to unionize amid complaints about low pay and lack of paid time off. Read More »
Baltimore Security Workers Fight for Higher Wages, Increased Benefits
Security workers are fighting for higher wages and increased benefits from two major security contractors operating in Baltimore City, after organizing under a property service workers union. Read More »
Recent Campaigns Helping Pittsburgh Unions Find Their Footing
Pittsburgh’s union past has become the foundation of future unionization. Read More »
Harbor East Security Guards Protest
Purple-shirted employees of the security firm charged with guarding Harbor East filled the neighborhood with their cries Thursday, calling for union recognition as they circled the golden monument at its center. Read More »
Finally, Tenants at One World Trade Center
Louis Medina, a security guard at One World Trade Center, couldn’t control his emotions as he thought about Monday, the first day at work for the skyscraper’s first group of office workers, 175 employees of publishing giant Condé Nast. Read More »
Security Guards Protest for Right to Unionize
A crowd of 50-60 protestors gathered on Fourth Avenue between PPG Place and Market Square last Wednesday afternoon in support of security guards’ right to unionize. Read More »
Pittsburgh Security Guards Rally for Job Security
Steel City security guards rallied Downtown on Wednesday to demand greater job security, and to point out many of the private contractors hired by high-rise owners or managers don't offer their workers enough training, room for advancement, or sufficient pay for the modern-day challenges security guards face. Read More »
City Council Calls on Companies to Pay Security Guards More
The Baltimore City Council is unanimously calling for area companies to pay their security guards more. Read More »
Downtown Baltimore Security Guards Unionizing
Downtown Baltimore security guards are fighting Brantley Security for union representation, and City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young offered his support at a council hearing last night. Read More »
$10 An Hour, With No Way Out
On a recent tour of his professional stomping grounds, Barnett, 20, points out many of the oddities he has observed since taking the job six months ago, patrolling about four blocks of Harbor East. Read More »
Tale of Two Guards: Kennedy Airport Security Personnel Show Divide in Compensation
Kennedy Airport security guards Prince Jackson and Dolores Holman work the same job — but they receive very different pay. Read More »
Who Is Furloughed by the Shutdown?
Chris Hayes talks to Lashante Austin, who works at the Statue of Liberty, and Larry Engelstein from 32BJ SEIU, which represents Statue of Liberty workers. Read More »
Philadelphia University Security Protest Continues
As part of its continuing effort to bring their grievences to Phila. U. donors and alumni, university security workers and members of SEIU Local 32BJ held a demonstration outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Read More »
Security Guard: Employer Makes Me Insecure
WHEN ERICA CODY'S fiance was killed in December, leaving the 26-year-old woman to raise their 1-year-old son on her own, the last thing on Cody's mind was worrying about drama at work. Read More »
Philadelphia University Security Guards Protest Pay, Scheduling
When Kami Vincent signed on as a security guard at Philadelphia University, she says that the contractor she works for, McGinn Security, told her she would regularly work 40 hours a week. That regular schedule hasn't happened yet. Read More »
Philly U. security guards rally for better pay
Using a gathering of Philadelphia University at the Franklin Mint as a backdrop, members of the Service Employees International Union 32BJ – with an assist from City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson – staged a rally to speak out about the overall contract standing of its members in general, and that of McGinn Security, which is the security contractor for the university. Read More »
Phila.U. Security Officers Protest Pay Cuts
After raising their voices on Campus along Henry Ave., security officers at Philadelphia University brought their case to a more important audience: university donors and sponsors. Dozens of security officers and supporters protested on the evening of Feb. 27. outside of a PhilaU. fundraiser held at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). Last summer, Read More »
Phila U. Security Workers Protest McGinn Pay Cuts and Working Conditions
A group of Philadelphia University security officers employed by McGinn Security rallied in East Falls this week for better wages and working conditions. They gathered under umbrellas on Henry Avenue and School House Lane on Tuesday holding signs that read “Respect Security” and “We love the Rams but mistreating workers is a bunch Read More »
CT Security Guards Seek Union Contract
Security guards were joined by labor officials from other local unions and a smattering of politicians, and after a few short speeches, the group of about 80 people marched a half-mile in the bitter cold, starting in front of a state building near The Bushnell arts center. Read More »
Security Guards Rally to Unionize in Jersey City
Nearly 200 union workers and private security officers rallied on the Jersey City waterfront yesterday, braving the frigid temperatures to accuse a Pennsylvania firm of intimidating workers who want to unionize. Read More »
Guards in Philadelphia Win Security of New Union
About 2,500 Philadelphia security guards will get a present in the new year: recognition of their new union. Read More »
Security Guards at Locations Around City Unionize
About 2,500 Philadelphia security guards, working at most of the city’s office buildings and major institutions, have become unionized and ratified their first contract. The ratification, coming as union membership is declining and unionism is under attack, will be announced at City Hall on Wednesday. The contract brings wage increases and health benefits to guards Read More »
N.J. Security Officers Deserve a Chance at a Middle-Class Life
They stand for hours at the doors we walk in and out of every day, though we hardly notice: The more than 20,000 privately hired security guards around the state. They are paid a pittance for keeping us safe. Not nearly enough to support a family, nor even afford basic health care. And now, they’re hoping Read More »
Cory Booker Backs Unionization Effort for Security Guards for Newark, Around N.J.
Union officials seeking to represent the roughly 21,000 privately employed security officers who work throughout New Jersey took their aspirations to Newark City Hall this morning and received a ringing endorsement from Mayor Cory Booker. Read More »
Death of Beloved Security Guard Evens Jean-Jacques, Killed During Hurricane Sandy, Still Pains His Family
Almost a month after Evens Jean-Jacques died amid Hurricane Sandy’s fury his death remains a mystery, his loss still impossible for friends and family to believe. “It is really tough,” said his daughter, Pascale Jean-Jacques Point Du Jour. “Imagine what is is like for us. Our father was not bedridden. When he left home, he Read More »
New York Security Guards Better Paid Than Rest of Country
Security guards are paid more in New York than the rest of the nation, and the profession is drawing an older, more educated workforce than it did eight years ago,according to a report to be released Thursday. Hourly median wages for security guards in New York City, when adjusted for inflation, rose 10% to $12.99 between Read More »
Security Firm Gets an Interim Contract as Jersey City Works to Implement New Living Wage Law
Jersey City’s Living Wage ordinance, approved two months ago, raises the minimum wage for certain employees in city-owned buildings and some buildings that receive tax subsidies. But it’s unclear whether some firms the city works with will be able to meet the new law’s standards. One such company is US Security Associates, which provides security Read More »
Rally held in support of security officers
A rally for new contracts and better wages for the security officers of Philadelphia was held on the south side of Main Campus Thursday afternoon with support from students, local residents and security officers. Beginning at the Mt. Olive Holy Temple on the 1400 block of North Broad Street, protesters crossed and marched up North Read More »
JFK’s security a dangerous mess: guards
Security guards at JFK who keep unauthorized vehicles from restricted areas are routinely sent into the field with malfunctioning radios and improper training — and aren’t even replaced during their breaks, they claim in a scathing complaint to the TSA. The shocking claims come amid tense scrutiny of the airport’s security systems after a stranded Read More »
Trenton school security guards urge Trenton education board to reconsider contract with U.S. Security Associates
Wearing purple “Respect Security” T-shirts, a group of school security guards told the school board tonight that they lacked working walkie-talkies and on-site training outlined in the board’s contract with the district’s security contractor. Fifteen security officers and union representatives from SEIU 32BJ demanded district officials look into what they called contract violations and reconsider Read More »
Unions can shrink the growing wealth gap
One of the most destructive trends in our nation today is the growth of income inequality. The increasing concentration of wealth, the shrinking of the middle class, and the growing number of people who are working but still poor threaten prosperity and undermine democracy. The frustration about this is palpable among many in my district. Read More »
State Stuck In The Middle Of Labor Dispute
Over the past year or so, relations between a private security contractor and its workers have deteriorated as security guards have attempted to organize a union that the company refuses to recognize. The company, New Jersey-based SOS Security, is required by its contract with the state to maintain “tranquil labor relationship.” With both the company Read More »
Guard firm breached Conn. contract
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The state of Connecticut has required a private security company hired to protect several office buildings to provide some guards back pay after a review showed the firm breached its contract with the state by underpaying the workers. In a letter to SOS Security Inc., obtained Monday by The Associated Press, the Department of Administrative Services said Read More »
Private security workers fight for the right to organize at City Hall
State and local officials and labor leaders appeared before a full house at City Council today to support a resolution introduced by Councilman Jim Kenney authorizing hearings looking into the right of Philadelphia private security officers to join labor unions. “We have a problem in Philadelphia,” said Centre Square security guard Verell Rhyne. “Private security Read More »
City’s security workers underpaid
As City Council prepares to take a look at working conditions for approximately 3,000 security guards, 32BJ, Service Employees International Union has released a report arguing for higher pay and better benefits for Philadelphia’s security guards — the vast majority of whom are Black. “The … report draws attention to an often neglected issue in Read More »
Organizing Campaign Kicks Off in Jersey
Across the river in Jersey City on Wednesday, May 9, New Jersey security officers kicked off a major campaign to join SEIU 32BJ, which represents about 500 security officers in the state. But the majority of the 5,000 officers in the state are non-union, many of them earning just above the minimum wage while receiving Read More »
Security Guards Strike; Abandon State Building Posts
Just over five weeks ago, security guards at state office complexes announced they were ready to strike, alleging they had been harassed and intimidated by their employer, SOS Security. Thursday they did, but only for the day. The workers say SOS Security has not been making its required pension contributions under its contract with the state. Read More »
Service Employees Union Hold Rally
The Service Employees International Union local 32BJ marched down Grove Street Wednesday afternoon, drawing out storefront owners and residents as the purple-shirted mass of 125 or so protesters headed to City Hall in support of raising wages for security officers. These officers, at least one of whom is employed at City Hall, are some of Read More »
Security Guards At State Buildings Strike Against Private Firm
Forty privately employed security guards who work in state office buildings mounted a one-day strike Thursday, protesting low wages and benefits in a standoff complicated by state rules over retirement benefits the workers say they are not receiving. The workers signed up last year with Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, but their employer — Read More »
Big raises for private security officers
More than 1,000 private security officers who protect many of the area’s major transportation hubs overwhelmingly ratified a new four-year contract Thursday that will boost their pay to nearly $20 an hour by the end of the deal. The workers—who protect Port Authority locations in New York and New Jersey, including John F. Kennedy, La Read More »
Security Guards Rally for Unionization at Love Park
When Verell Rhyne’s wife suggest the couple move from Memphis, Tenn., to her native Philadelphia, he agreed. Rhyne, a security guard, figured that in a pro-labor city such as Philly, he’d get a good union job. Not so. “I knew security guards made more here,” he says. “That was my rational thinking. But … when Read More »