“They have to be aware that the people who work for them are not just statistics, but we are people. The union has allowed us to show that and use our voices.”

~ Michael Greene, 32BJ Member, New York


Newsroom Feature
2,000 Contract Airport Workers Go on Strike at Seven U.S. Hubs
Entering one of the busiest holiday travel weeks of the year, about 2,000 baggage handlers and other airport workers at seven of America's biggest hubs went on strike Wednesday night over pay and union rights. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Workers Getting a Livable-Wage Raise
After multiple rallies and hard-fought protests, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport workers are finally going to be getting a raise when the Broward County Commission votes on extending the living-wage ordinance to contracted airline workers today. Read More »
Lawmakers to Port Authority: Boost Workers’ Pay Already
A group of nearly 80 lawmakers from both sides of the Hudson River is calling on the Port Authority to keep its promise and boost the pay of airport workers. Read More »
Service Workers Fight for a Share of Philly’s Revitalized Center City
On a humid Wednesday afternoon, over 1,000 members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 32BJ crammed into the confines of Center City Philadelphia’s Chestnut Street, between 22nd and 21st Street. Read More »
Janitors Rally for Jobs, Better Pay
Several thousand pumped-up unionized service employees from Massachusetts to Virginia joined with local members yesterday in Center City to rally for better pay for themselves and for other low-wage workers. Read More »
Janitors March for Their Jobs, Benefits
Thousands of union janitors marched through Center City Wednesday, hoping to preserve their benefits and earn what they call fair wages. Read More »
Ousted Union Cleaners Return to Work in Secaucus
Happy to be back, seven janitors returned to work cleaning an office building on Lighting Way in Secaucus on Tuesday night, 15 months after they were ousted when the building cleaning contract changed hands, sparking a bitter battle between the workers' union and their employer. Read More »
Billerica Cleaning Contractor Ordered to Rehire Union Janitors
A Billerica cleaning contractor violated federal labor laws when it refused to rehire union janitors after taking over two office accounts in Lowell and Acton earlier this year, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled last week. Read More »
Union Workers Back on Job After 6-Month Dispute With Building Owners
Union workers at a Brooklyn complex who accused owners of slashing wages and firing them returned to work Monday following a settlement with building management, union representatives said. Read More »
Uniting Labor, Climate, and Racial Justice Movements Our Best Hope for Better Future
This Labor Day, we are joining together to celebrate the contributions of workers of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities to the struggle to hold our country true to the promise of a political and economic democracy, "with liberty and justice for all." Read More »
Building-Service Workers Rally for Better Contract with Office Landlords
Center City's unionized office cleaners, maintenance workers, and other building-service staffers say they want to share in the benefits of an improving commercial real estate sector as they begin negotiations on a new labor contract. Read More »
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport Workers Hold Strike Over “Anti-Labor Tactics”
Citing what they call repeated labor violations by airline contractors, airport workers are holding a Pre-Labor Day Strike at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Tuesday. A Read More »
Laid-off Office Cleaners Say They’re Being Discriminated Against in Their Quest to Win Back Their Jobs
Alejandrina Marte had it right a couple of weeks ago when she, along with 10 co-workers, went to reapply in person for office cleaner jobs at the Manhattan offices of WeWork, only to be turned away at the door. Read More »
High-Rise-Window Washers of Manhattan
High-rise-window washing, once among the most dangerous jobs in the world, has become extremely safe, statistically speaking. Read More »
90% Of WeWork Cleaners Jobless After Contract Termination
Roughly 90% of the subcontracted workforce who cleaned the New York offices of WeWork, the co-working startup recently valued at $10 billion, have been laid off amid allegations that the company is anti-union and discriminates against immigrants. Read More »
More than 100 Airport Workers Plan Strike at Logan
Logan Airport workers took to the picket lines Wednesday, the second strike this summer by airport contract employees demanding higher pay and the right to organize. Read More »
WeWork Cleaners Demand Higher Wages
WeWork, which provides short-term office and meeting space to startups and entrepreneurs and has become a paragon of the Innovation Economy, is now the target of a labor action. Read More »
Workers Rally in Downtown Pittsburgh for Higher Wages
More than 60 security officers and custodians turned out for a morning rally in Downtown Pittsburgh to protest low wages. Read More »
Building Owners Who Fired Union Workers Hit With Lawsuit
A Brooklyn housing complex's owner is being accused of cutting wages, threatening and ultimately firing union workers in a complaint filed Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board. Read More »
Cleaners’ Union Approves New Contract for Baltimore Workers
A union that represents about 700 commercial office cleaners in Baltimore on Saturday ratified a new contract, which provides workers with an additional sick day and annual wage increases of 50 cents per hour for the next four years. Read More »
33 North Jersey Custodial Workers Get Jobs Back After Judge Rules in Union’s Favor
An administrative law judge ruled Tuesday that the cleaning service contractor at three New Jersey office buildings, including one in Secaucus, must rehire 33 incumbent workers it previously jettisoned and begin recognizing their union affiliations, their union announced. Read More »
New York Plans $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers
The labor protest movement that fast-food workers in New York City began nearly three years ago has led to higher wages for workers all across the country. On Wednesday, it paid off for the people who started it. Read More »
JFK, LaGuardia Airport Contract Workers Vote to Strike Wednesday
More than 1,000 security officers, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants at New York’s LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports voted unanimously to authorize a strike starting Wednesday night. Read More »
33 Displaced Office Cleaning Workers to Get Jobs Back
A judge has ruled 33 office workers displaced by a cleaning service contractor last year should be made whole for any losses in salary and benefits they experienced and be offered jobs at the office buildings where they previously worked, including one in Bernards Township. Read More »
Printing House Staff Still Hope Door Will Be Open for a Union
At the end of last month, Arturo Vergara returned to his job as the evening doorman at the tony Printing House condos at Hudson St. between Clarkson and Leroy Sts. A month earlier he had been abruptly fired after missing a day of work, and his co-workers briefly went on strike in response. Read More »
Union Janitors Seek Help After Layoffs
With only two weeks' notice that his job was going away, Washington Fernandez had no way to line up another job or sock away money to prepare. Read More »
Judge Orders Cleaning Service to Reinstate Ousted East Rutherford, Secaucus Workers
An administrative law judge has ruled that the cleaning contractor at three New Jersey office buildings - including buildings in East Rutherford and Secaucus - must reinstate 33 workers and recognize their union, which was shut out last year when the cleaning contract changed hands. Read More »
The Workers Behind WeWork
Two weeks ago, office cleaners at WeWork locations throughout New York City began protesting unjust working conditions. Read More »
LaGuardia Airport: ‘The Biggest Sweatshop In NYC’
Imagine putting in 40 hours a week at your job, but still not earning enough to get off of public assistance. Read More »
NYC Schools Cleaners and Handypersons Demand Equal Pay for Equal Work
Hundreds of 32BJ members who work as cleaners and handypersons in New York public schools gathered this week on the steps of City Hall to call on the City Council to pass legislation that would allow all these workers to be paid the prevailing wage rate just like other contracted cleaners and handypersons who work in New York City schools. Read More »
Montgomery County Joins Other Localities Providing Paid Sick Leave
The Montgomery County Council, heeding a call from the Obama administration, passed paid-sick-leave legislation Tuesday that will enable workers to stay home when they are ill or need to take care of a sick child — without losing pay. Read More »
WeWork Threatened To Fire Cleaners If They Unionize, Workers Claim
WeWork allegedly threatened to fire cleaners at its New York locations if they unionized, according to an unfair labor practice charge filed to the National Labor Relations Board on Thursday evening. Read More »
Whoever Cleans Your Office Is Probably Not Getting Full-Time Hours Or Benefits
What does it take to support a family when your work is cleaning offices in Baltimore? Read More »
WeWork Cleaners Push For A Raise: “We Work Here Too”
Not long after a giant funding round made WeWork one of the world’s most valuable startups, the people who clean its co-working spaces in New York are asking the company for a raise. Read More »
Striking Logan Workers Deserve to Be Heard
A labor strike is often not as simple as one side in the right and the other all wrong, and perhaps Wednesday's picketing at Logan Airport in Boston is more complex than meets the eye. Read More »
Hillary, Jeb!…and the People Who Are Actually Saving America
I have to confess feeling more alienated than ever about American presidential politics these days...most of it, anyway. Read More »
WeWork Cleaners, Making Less Than Half Their Union Counterparts, Push for a Raise
Over the past four years, WeWork has transformed from a fledgling operator of co-working spaces to a company with 15 New York locations valued at $5 billion, using a business model that is increasingly seen as prophetic in our rapidly shifting economy. Read More »
JetBlue Aircraft Cleaners Demand Better Protection From Bodily Fluids, And A Living Wage
Airport terminal and cabin cleaners who work for JetBlue are protesting outside of the airline's Long Island City headquarters this afternoon to demand living wages and benefits, as well as more stringent health and safety standards to protect them from all the vomit and blood they regularly encounter. Read More »
Striking Airport Workers Rally Outside the State House
Workers who move baggage, help passengers and clean planes at Logan Airport went on a 24-hour strike Wednesday, alleging that airport contractors don’t pay enough and trample on their rights. Read More »
‘Justice for Janitors’ Rally Sends Message to Local Employers
Over 150 workers took part in a "Justice for Janitors" march through Center City on Wednesday. Organized by the SEIU 32BJ service workers union, the rally was intended to be both a commemoration and a call-out. Read More »
Janitors March Through Philly to Mark 25th Anniversary of Fight
Around 100 janitors, all members of the SEIU 32BJ service workers union, marched through Center City to the Pennsylvania Convention Center to denounce unfair employment practices on Wednesday. Read More »
Office Cleaners Rally In Bethesda for Full-Time Salaries, Benefits
About two dozen office janitors and cleaners marched Tuesday through Bethesda’s Metro Plaza, demanding more full-time positions and the health benefits that come with them amid tense negotiations over their union’s next collective bargaining agreement. Read More »
Downtown Pittsburgh Protesters Rally for Paid Sick Leave
More than 50 food and commercial workers this morning rallied in front of the City-County Building, Downtown, urging their employers to afford them paid sick leave. Read More »
25 Years Ago, L.A. Cleaners Planted Seeds for Today’s Movement
Today is the 25th anniversary of "Justice for Janitors Day," which commemorates an event that sparked one the most successful underpaid worker campaigns in recent history: Justice for Janitors. Read More »
New Airport Lease Gives Wage Hike to Subcontractors’ Workers
A NEW LEASE agreement between Philadelphia International Airport and the airlines that use it will serve as more than just an economic stimulus. Read More »
TPP Is a Disaster for Workers and Our Climate
Today the House votes today on fast-tracking the deal, cutting off any chance of amendments once its contents are public. We're calling on our representatives to listen to the voice of the people and vote no. Read More »
What Would Francis Do? Vote for Workers
I'M SARINA SANTOS, a wife and mother of four children. I worked at the Philadelphia International Airport as a baggage handler, making $7.25 an hour for a subcontractor called PrimeFlight. Read More »
Wheelchair Attendants Strike at FLL Airport
About 50 wheelchair attendants at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport went on a one-day strike Tuesday to protest what they consider "poverty wages." Read More »
Trash Piles Up in Building After Owner Fires Workers, Residents Say
Tenants and union workers at a state-subsidized Brooklyn apartment building protested against new management Thursday after directors fired the complex’s maintenance employees — leaving the building strewn with trash. Read More »
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