“They have to be aware that the people who work for them are not just statistics, but we are people. The union has allowed us to show that and use our voices.”

~ Michael Greene, 32BJ Member, New York


Newsroom Feature
Airport Workers Strike
The workers, mostly cabin and airport cleaners, were picketing Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports in New York City, as well as airports in Newark, N.J., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, Fl., according to the Service Employees International Union. Read More »
Contract Talks Open for 10,500 Cleaners in Washington, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County & Baltimore
Negotiations will begin today for a new union contract covering over 4,000 commercial cleaners in Washington, D.C., nearly 4,000 cleaners in Northern Virginia, over 1,500 cleaners in Montgomery County, Maryland and 700 Baltimore cleaners. Read More »
Religious Leaders March to City Hall to Support Fired Airport Employee
SARINA SANTOS can't remember the last time she could afford to take her family out to dinner. What's fresh in her mind is the day, three weeks ago, when she was fired from her job as a baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Harbor East Hires New Security Firm
The management company for Harbor East said Monday it has contracted with a Baltimore-based firm to provide security at its properties, ending an agreement with a Kentucky firm that had come under fire from union organizers. Read More »
An Unobstructed View of Window Washers
Mo Rocca learns about the challenging work of window washers firsthand - brandishing his brushes and squeegee 700 feet above New York City's streets. Read More »
Video: A One WTC Security Guard on His Amazing View
For One World Trade Center security officer Louis Medina, the expansive views afforded from the tower’s upper floors are one of the highlights of the job. Read More »
Renovate LaGuardia Airport — And Finally Give All Its Workers the Respect They Deserve
When Vice President Joe Biden compared LaGuardia Airport to a “third world country” last year, it didn’t come as much of a shock to the millions of New Yorkers and air travelers who use or work in the deteriorating airport. Read More »
These Tufts Students, Trying to Save Janitors’ Jobs, Didn’t Eat for Five Days
For five days, several students at Tufts University stopped eating, staging a hunger strike to try to prevent campus janitors from getting laid off. Read More »
Pitt Maintenance Workers Ratify Contract
The University of Pittsburgh has reached a new deal with 400 workers who maintain the school's buildings and grounds. Read More »
Broward Commissioners to Review ‘Fair Pay’ Policy for Airline Contract Workers
Workers who transport passengers, handle baggage and clean airplanes at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport International Airport are one step closer to getting a pay raise. Read More »
Clergy Protest at Airport for Minimum Wage
More than 200 clergy and laymen from across the country prayed, sang and anointed the hands of airport workers Thursday in a demonstration to demand an increase in minimum wage at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Four Tufts Students, Three Union Members Arrested During Protest
Four Tufts University students and three activists affiliated with a janitors union that contracts with the college were arrested during a protest on Thursday, the union and a Somerville official said. Read More »
New York Airport Workers Strike, Telling Management “Poverty Wages Don’t Fly”
The people who may have handled your baggage or helped you or a family member who uses a wheelchair navigate through the airport, or perhaps on or off a plane, continued their call for higher wages, more affordable benefits and union representation on April 23 in New York City. Read More »
Bed-Stuy Maintenance Workers Say “Hip” Luxury Developer Is Trying To Force Them Out
Yesterday evening, despite unseasonable cold and spitting rain, a group of angry maintenance workers from a Bed-Stuy housing project gathered outside the headquarters of Bushburg Properties, their new boss. Read More »
Why We Must Fight for 15 and a Union
My name is Angel Rivera. Like the Fight for 15 workers who are protesting across the country today, I know what it’s like to work hard, but be unable to get by because of poverty wages and an employer that doesn’t respect your rights. Read More »
Workers Picket at Philadelphia International Airport over Wages
Non-union workers are picketing at the Philadelphia International Airport to protest low wages. Read More »
Trenton School Security Guards Seek Union Representation
A group of security guards contracted to work in Trenton Public Schools is seeking to unionize amid complaints about low pay and lack of paid time off. Read More »
PolitickerNJ’s 2015 Power List
Named in the coveted list is 32BJ Vice President and New Jersey State Director Kevin Brown. Click here to see the list and his interview. Read More »
Airport Baggage Handlers, Security Guards, Wheelchair Attendants Raise Concerns Over Working Conditions
Jean Mompoint gets tired sometimes. The 56-year-old works 80 hours a week -- half the time as an office cleaner, half the time as a wheelchair attendant in Terminal C at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Mompoint picks up passengers in the arrivals section, wheels them to the baggage-claim area, then drops them off for pick-up by others. Tips aren’t guaranteed. Read More »
Pittsburgh Security Guards Flocking to Service Employees International Union
It has taken less than a year to organize 400 security guards in Pittsburgh, and another 400 are expected to be members of Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ by the middle of next month. Read More »
Hundreds of Airport Workers Still Waiting for Pay Bump after Port Authority Deadline
More than two weeks after a Port Authority deadline, hundreds of airport workers are still waiting for their raises to $10.10 an hour, the Daily News has learned. Read More »
Immigrant New Yorkers Hold On to Hope Despite Suspension of Obama’s Relief Programs
Their dreams are on hold — but many immigrant New Yorkers say they’re holding onto hope despite a federal judge’s ruling suspending President Obama’s relief programs. Read More »
Huge LES Development to Be Union Staffed
The developers of Essex Crossing, the massive mixed-use project planned for the Lower East Side, have agreed to staff the complex entirely with union workers, the firms announced Wednesday. Read More »
Baggage handlers protest outside JFK Airport’s Terminal 7
Baggage handlers have demonstrated outside the British Airways terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport to protest what they called unfair labor practices. Read More »
‘We wear red, they wear blue’: Delta Contractors Barely Braving the Cold
It would be easy to mistake Gian Lopez, 22, for a Delta Air Lines employee. After all, for 40 hours each week he works alongside Delta employees and handles bags belonging to Delta passengers. There is just one thing that sets him apart: his uniform. Read More »
Public School Cleaners Cheated Out of Fair Pay Due to Loophole in State Labor Rules
Roughly 4,200 cleaners earn just $19.72 an hour because they work for public school custodial engineers, rather than private contractors hired by the city Education Department, union officials said. The City Council will hold a hearing on the city’s employment practices for school cleaners and other custodial workers Monday. Read More »
Baltimore Security Workers Fight for Higher Wages, Increased Benefits
Security workers are fighting for higher wages and increased benefits from two major security contractors operating in Baltimore City, after organizing under a property service workers union. Read More »
Airport Workers March on MLK’s Birthday to Demand Better Wages and Benefits
Hundreds of airport workers commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday with a march along 94th St., near LaGuardia, demanding better wages and benefits. Read More »
On Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Newark Airport Workers Hold Sit-Down Protest
On the 86th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., more than 150 protestors used a tactic often deployed by the slain civil rights leader – a sit-down, civil disobedience protest, this time on a Newark bridge to support better working conditions at nearby Newark Airport. Read More »
Airplane Cleaners Protest Firing
Dozens of workers at Logan Airport protested Thursday the firing of an airplane cleaner who said he was terminated because he favored unionization. Read More »
Fed Labor Agency Files Complaint over East Rutherford, Secaucus Buildings
Former employees at two high profile office buildings along Route 3 are the focus of a complaint by federal labor officials that accuses a cleaning and janitorial contractor for the buildings' new owners of discriminating against the unionized workers. Read More »
Princeton Cafeteria Workers Picket as Food Service Company Brings in Outside Workers to Serve School Lunches
Cafeteria workers in Princeton marched in front of the high school with picket signs today to demand that they receive their benefits back from Nutri-Serve, the public school district’s new food services contractor. Read More »
City Council Moves to Secure Labor Peace at Airport
City Council passed several bills related to labor unrest at Philadelphia International Airport and at new hotel developments during its public session on Thursday. Read More »
Recent Campaigns Helping Pittsburgh Unions Find Their Footing
Pittsburgh’s union past has become the foundation of future unionization. Read More »
Undocumented Immigrants and Advocates Welcome Obama’s Executive Action at Viewing Party
Stacked boxes of pizza, handmade signs and American flags gave a viewing party for President Barack Obama’s immigration speech held by New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform the distinct vibe of election night, albeit with greater urgency and importance. Read More »
Baggage Handlers Go On Strike At PHL
Some baggage handlers have pulled out the picket signs at Philadelphia International Airport. Read More »
Harbor East Security Guards Protest
Purple-shirted employees of the security firm charged with guarding Harbor East filled the neighborhood with their cries Thursday, calling for union recognition as they circled the golden monument at its center. Read More »
Exhibit Charts Luxury Building Workers’ Struggle to Join Union
Working for subpar wages and limited benefits in luxury buildings whose units often sell for over $1 million, a group of service workers have spent the past two years engaged in public and behind-the-scenes efforts to join the 32BJ Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Read More »
Airport Workers Claim to Be Victims of Subcontractor Wage Rip-offs
Gian Lopez, a 21-year-old subcontracted baggage handler at LaGuardia Airport, is among the 88% of 12,000 nonunion workers at the city’s airports who claims to be the victim of ‘wage theft.’ Read More »
Window Washers ‘Doing Well’ After Scaffold Mishap
Two window washers left dangling from the nation’s tallest skyscraper, 1 World Trade Center, were “doing well” after their release from a hospital, their employer said. Read More »
Astoria Cove Site Developer Comes to Labor Union Agreement for Project’s Construction
The developers asking city permission to build a controversial 1,700-unit luxury development on the Queens waterfront have come to an agreement to use union labor on the job. Read More »
Flying Kites at Every Chance
Like many children growing up in Grenada, Shawn Thomas learned at an early age how to make a kite using a traditional Caribbean folk design. Read More »
Finally, Tenants at One World Trade Center
Louis Medina, a security guard at One World Trade Center, couldn’t control his emotions as he thought about Monday, the first day at work for the skyscraper’s first group of office workers, 175 employees of publishing giant Condé Nast. Read More »
Airport Workers to JetBlue, County: Pay Us or Get Rid of Contractor
Earlier this year, JetBlue replaced the contractor that cleans its cabins at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Read More »
BU Workers and University Settle on a Tentative Agreement
With contracts set to expire Friday at midnight, Boston University workers and the university administration settled on a tentative agreement Thursday night that will raise cost-of-living and maintain affordable health care, according to a press release Friday. Read More »
Howard University Gives Its Janitors a Crack at the Middle Class. Now, That Could Change.
Sitting beside a flagpole on the campus of Howard University, Reina Lopez stared across at a man in a black shirt and khakis standing nearby, her gaze full of reproach. Read More »
Boston University Workers March for Last Push for Better Job Contracts
In an effort to put pressure on the university to settle on a new contract by the end of the week, more than 100 Boston University workers and union leaders assembled at Marsh Chapel Tuesday to raise support for increasing wages and maintaining current healthcare costs. Read More »
Airplane Cabin Cleaners, Wary of Ebola, Protest over Phila. Conditions
Airplane cabin cleaners at Philadelphia International Airport employed by subcontractors rallied outside Terminal B on Wednesday, seeking safer procedures to protect "front line" workers against infectious diseases, including Ebola. Read More »
Labor Union: Airplane Cleaners Uneasy about Ebola
With the spotlight on the Ebola virus, the Service Employees International Union is stepping in. Read More »
Strategy by Union: Mock a Manhattan Apartment Building’s Selling Points
“Hey there!” shouts the 50-year-old man, wearing an oversize beanie and a tank top, trying to look cool for the camera. “Welcome to AVA, a new kind of living space designed with young, quirky, outside-the-box creatives like us in mind.” Introducing himself as Gary, he makes his way through a sleek lobby of squiggly sculptures and funky lighting. Read More »
Health Care, Airport Workers to Get Wage Hike
The movement to raise the pay of low-income workers gained momentum this week as two Boston-area organizations announced new initiatives to increase wages. Read More »
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