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Days after Urban League Conference Draws Focus on Economic Inequality, McGinn Security Officers at Philadelphia University to Demonstrate for Fair Pay and Workers’ Rights

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PHILADELPHIA-On Wednesday at 5:00pm, supporters of McGinn Security officers will demonstrate for fair pay and workers’ rights, outside of a Philadelphia University alumni event held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With the Rocky statue as a backdrop, demonstrators will express their support for Philly’s true underdog: low wage workers.

The demonstration follows months of protest against poverty wages, intimidation, poor working conditions, and alleged wage theft by McGinn Security, a security contractor at the Philadelphia University, Moore College and the airport. In April, the plight of the security officers made headlines when a traffic-snarling protest at the intersection of School House Lane and Henry Avenue resulted in the arrests of five protesters who were standing up for the employees of McGinn Security.

Economic inequality has been a focus of attention in Philadelphia; the city last week hosted the National Urban League Annual Conference, themed “Redeem the Dream.”  The dream of economic opportunity continues to elude the majority of the McGinn Security workers at Philadelphia University who are African American women struggling to get by on poverty wages.

The McGinn Security officers are not alone in their struggle. Philadelphia was again designated the worst big city in the country for people who are living in deep poverty. McGinn Security undermines area standards, paying officers as little as $7.50 an hour,only adding to the problem of poverty in Philadelphia.

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