We have to work together so we’re able to keep the things we have, like our health care and other benefits.

~ Jay Etheridge, 32BJ Member, New York

32BJ Election Day Victories


32BJ members campaigned up and down the East Coast for candidates standing up for the rights of workers and a more just society leading up to the November 3 election day.

In Pennsylvania, 32BJ members helped change the state for the better with the election of all three of the State Supreme Court candidates we supported – Judges Dougherty, Wecht and Donahue. Our vote will improve funding for public schools, paid sick days and the taxation system for all working Pennsylvanians!

Jim Kenney will be the next Mayor of Philadelphia after a strong win, and with the support of 32BJ members we saw excellent candidates elected to Philadelphia City Council who will stand up for working families in the City of Brotherly Love. Jim Kenney has stood shoulder to shoulder with 32BJ members in Philly during the commercial contract campaign, and will continue to be an ally in the fight for better conditions for airport workers.

We had some big wins in New Jersey:  32BJ-supported candidates won in all of the legislative district races we campaigned in; great results in Morristown City and Passaic County local elections; and victory in the paid sick days vote in Elizabeth City!

Congratulations to 32BJ members in Connecticut who helped re-elect Toni Harp for Mayor of New Haven and Dan Drew for Mayor of Middletown. Also, 32BJ backed three victorious Working Party candidates in the Hartford City Council election, with no Republicans winning a seat on the council of six.

The New York State Assembly has two new progressive champions, after Pamela Harris and Alicia Hyndman won their races. And in Long Island, Madeline Singas won her race for Nassau County District Attorney and Steve Bellone won re-election as Suffolk County Executive.

There were fantastic results in Massachusetts local races, with 32BJ-supported candidates winning 24 seats, including five on the Boston City Council and five on the Cambridge City Council.

Leading up to this year’s election, 32BJ helped form a new coalition with other unions and community groups called Take Action Virginia. While the Democrats did not wrest back control of the Virginia State Senate, Jeremy McPike retained District 29 against a fierce and well-financed Republican campaign, and we developed member leaders and built capacity that should serve progressives well in the 2016 election.

In Florida, we helped Ricky Arriola get elected in the Group 5 Miami Beach local election, and we’ll be supporting Ken Russell in the upcoming run-off for the City of Miami District 2 election.

Thank you to all the 32BJ members who voted and campaigned for progressive candidates this election. The work we do politically is vital to protecting and improving the rights of all workers, as we strive to Raise America with Good Jobs.