Everybody should have a union…. It gives us a voice. It gives you the power to change things that need to be changed.

~ Leslie Williams, 32BJ Member, New Jersey

NY/NJ Airport Workers Bargaining Committee

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A few weeks ago recognized airport workers, your coworkers and hundreds of airport workers at LGA, JFK, and EWR elected 55 of your peers to the first ever Airport Workers Bargaining Committee which will represent all three airports and workers from 11 contractors to represent you at the table with the employers!

Donna Andalcio Llanos, Air Serv (ABM)
Saeed Bacchus, FJC Security Services, Inc.
Geoffrey Benjamin, Alstate Maintenance
Janee Bignon, Air Serv (ABM)
Jordany Bueno, Vasquez Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Joaquin Cabrera, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Maria Cacha, Air Serv (ABM)
Michael Carey, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Richard Carter, Air Serv (ABM)
Juan Chapman, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Roderic Chappelle, Airway Cleaners
Abdul Quddus, Chaudhry Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Elba Checo, Gate Gourmet
Broderick Cooper, Gateway Security
Carrol Cort, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Miguel Diaz, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Canute Drayton, Air Serv (ABM)
Shareeka Elliott, Airway Cleaners
Pedro Gamboa-Bermudez, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Alberto Grant, Jr Airway Cleaners
Donna Hampton, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Kaloutie Hassan, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Dasean Hay, Air Serv (ABM)
Ana Garcia Hernandez, Gate Gourmet
Verlin Hernandez De Almonte, Lisbon Cleaning
Michael Hirst, Air Serv (ABM)
Yasmeen Holmes, Air Serv (ABM)
Prince Jackson, Air Serv (ABM)
Anthony Jenkins, Air Serv (ABM)
Muhammad Shaheen Khan, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Camika Lewis, Air Serv (ABM)
Dawan Liles, Air Serv (ABM)
David Lora Severino, Gate Gourmet
Teresa Mancheno, Lisbon Cleaning
Isabel Marte, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Darcy Martin, Air Serv (ABM)
Aqeel Mateen, Air Serv (ABM)
Samuel McCalman, Alstate Maintenance
Damaso Mejia, Ultimate Aircraft Cleaning
Manuel Mendez, Airway Cleaners
Ingrid Mendez, Gate Gourmet
Jose Mendez Comas, Lisbon Cleaning
Jaffar Mohamed, Air Serv (ABM)
Hadeed Mohammed, Air Serv (ABM)
Zenaida Montano, Gate Gourmet
Dietrick Parrish, FJC Security Services, Inc.
Pedro Paulino, Lisbon Cleaning
Juan Peralta, Airway Cleaners
Maritza Perez De Collado, Gate Gourmet
Noel Roberts, Air Serv (ABM)
Musawar Sheikh, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Balfour Smith, Aviation Safeguard (AVSG)
Nancy Vazquez, Air Serv (ABM)
Jose Velez-Morales, FJC Security Services, Inc.