We are not fighting just for ourselves but we’re fighting for all working families.

~ Anna Dziubek, 32BJ Member, New York

Statement on the New York $15 Minimum Wage Announcement

From Héctor J. Figueroa, president of 32BJ SEIU:

“When workers do well, our state thrives. This historic announcement of the largest increase in the minimum wage in generations will open the door to economic justice for millions of families and improve our economy from the bottom up. What began as a strike demand by fast food workers four years ago is about to become a law that will improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers. This legislative agreement represents enormous progress in making the minimum wage a livable wage. We thank both Governor Cuomo, who made this a top priority, and legislative leaders, who listened to the Fight for $15 movement, for reaching this historic agreement.


As we celebrate, we also want to acknowledge that for many workers across the state — particularly upstate — getting to a minimum wage of $15 will take longer than we had hoped. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans failed to appreciate how beneficial the increases are for upstate communities. We pledge to continue the fight for upstate low-wage workers alongside the many labor, political, community and interfaith allies who made today’s agreement possible.”