The benefits we win come from us being strong together in the union.

~ Yeny Nuñez, 32BJ Member, Connecticut

Take Action to Support Striking Philadelphia Airport Workers

Hundreds of Philadelphia International Airport baggage handlers, line queues, cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants voted overwhelmingly this week to go on strike during the DNC.  The workers, who are employed by American Airlines’ subcontractors, PrimeFlight, Prospect and McGinn Security are taking a stand to protest the intimidation, harassment, and retaliation they regularly endure at the hands of their employers when they demand $15 and a union.

The hardworking men and women at the Philadelphia airport exemplify everything that the DNC platform is about. They are at the forefront of the fight to rebuild the middle class and address racial and economic disparities.

As wheelchair attendant Erickson Tarlue said: “It is not an easy decision to go on strike. We aren’t striking because we want to, we are striking because we have to.”

Workers are seizing this unique moment in history, when the whole world is watching Philadelphia, to shine a spotlight on the very workforce that U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez rightly calls “some of the most forgotten workers in America.”

As a Delegate to the convention, you can help by lending your voice to the workers’ fight. Here are concrete ways you can help:

  • Call the subcontractors today! Tell them to respect their workers. Let them know that you represent thousands of Democrats who will not stand for worker mistreatment at PHL.
    • *Prospect CEO – Vicki Strobel – 847-299-3636
    • *PrimeFlight CEO – Mark Marudas – 615-312-7856
    • *McGinn President – Joseph McGinn – 215-291-1222.


  • Stand with workers on the picket line in Philadelphia.
  • Commit to wearing a button and placing a luggage tag on your bag expressing support for the workers’ fight during the convention.
  • Post your support for airport workers on social media using #PHLStrikeDNC

Tweet: #NoJusticeNoPeace, I stand with striking Philly airport workers seeking justice on the job. #PHLStrikeDNC #BlackLaborMatters

Tweet: At #DNC2016 1000s gathered to chart a better future for all. Start by standing with airport workers #PHLStrikeDNC #BlackLaborMatters

Tweet: #BlackLaborMatters I stand with airport workers at @PHLAirport #PHLStrikeDNC @TheDemocrats #DNC2016